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Overview of the Design

As a leading designer of custom OBGYN websites, we understand how to convey the message of a particular practice to its target demographic. In this case, we recognize that women are increasingly taking charge of their healthcare and looking to physicians as partners in their path to a healthier life. We created this website to fall in step with that mantra by emphasizing quality of care rather than special effects.

This site contains a traditional layout with many modern elements. We included large, scrolling images of women on the home page, as well as pictures of women enjoying various activities in their lives. A direct link on the home page offers the opportunity to schedule an appointment, and several featured images link to additional information about the office, available procedures, and two separate sections of the website dedicated to obstetrics and gynecology.

Use of Colors

Instead of traditional feminine colors like pink, we chose a powder blue for this website to give it a soft, delicate, and perhaps unexpected appearance. Complimented by light gray and white, this color scheme creates an airy and open space. Our goals was to give the impression of a practice and staff that are comfortable, approachable, and credible.

Analysis of Design Elements

This is a traditional web format with minimal special enhancements. Though we did utilize a special features section of the home page with pictures that move when selected, we kept this design somewhat basic so as not to distract from the important message Dr. Newman and his team wanted to express.

Marketing Aspect

Choosing an OB-GYN is a deeply personal decision for a woman. Online marketing for OB-GYN offices must be mindful of this fact when attempting to attract new patients. Most women care about the quality of personalized care they receive from their doctors, which is why we created content that expresses the role of women having a voice in decisions about their care. We included scrolling patient testimonials from Dr. Newman’s own patients featured on the home page of the website as well as a dedicated testimonial page. Clicking the phone number on the home page leads to the office contact page, where site visitors can request an appointment directly from the website.

Image the Website Represents

Given the nature of this practice, all of the images on this custom OBGYN website are of happy and thriving women. We were inclusive of women in all stages of life, from puberty and pregnancy to menopause and beyond. We wanted to show that life can be enjoyed in a healthy way no matter what phase of life a woman may be experiencing.


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