New York Pain Management NY Ketamine Infusions

New York Pain Management NY Ketamine Infusions

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NY Ketamine works in a field with people facing one of life’s most difficult challenges, living with chronic pain and its associated depression. We knew our responsibility when they came to us looking for someone to design their website, it needed to be reassuring and comforting to the viewer while being easy to navigate while retaining its connection to its community.

Overview Of The Design

With this website, we immediately set out discovering what the most important information for the client was and ensured that it, or links to it, were prominently featured on the site. Patients living with chronic pain live with the concern that their condition won’t be taken seriously, so credentials, testimonials, and information about their physician’s philosophy are critical parts of their decision-making process. The depth of needed information resulted in an extensive, but compact and easily navigable menu and site.

Use Of Colors

When soothing frazzled nerves and giving a sense of hope are your goals, the color palette pretty much writes itself. Blue’s soft sky-tones have long been respected in medical website design for its ability to soothe frazzled nerves and bring a sense of hope to the viewer. Set against a white background the website gains credibility as a professional medical site, in part thanks to the prevalence of these colors in the industry.

  • Contrast – Blue and white share the ability to contrast well with each other regardless of the configuration they’re used in.
  • Action Oriented – When set amid a field of white, blue jumps out at the eye without seeming aggressive or pushy. Making it an obvious choice for areas of the site, such as buttons, that call for the user to interact.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Many elements of design have to be considered when building a website, and the NY Ketamine Infusions site needed to be smooth and easy to navigate while remaining accessible.

  • Space – Space is expertly managed throughout this site, with white space used to establish areas, frame text, and images, and otherwise ensure the site remains easy to use.
  • Navigation – No matter where you scroll in the website the comprehensive hamburger menu is going to remain available. This means navigation throughout the site never requires more than a couple clicks to get anywhere you want to be.
  • About Us – The About Us section for the NY Ketamine Infusion site is comprehensive, a requirement to set at ease the minds of those who are seeking pain management services. They can learn about the doctors, the facility, and their philosophy in this area.
  • Contact Information – Contact information remains easily accessible throughout the site through the menu, a single click connects you with the contact form, phone number, address, and hours for the clinic.NY Ketamine Infusions Contact Info
  • Responsive – Part of the accessibility requirement for this site was met by making it fully responsive. Mobile accessibility is no longer an option but is a required part of web design if you want your site to remain accessible and relevant.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing your website is essential, regardless of your area of business. It’s even more important in a busy city like New York with all the options patients have to get their services met. Once visitors find your site they need to know that they’ll get the services they need so they can convert into patients.

  • Simple Forms – The forms on this site meet all the requirements for great marketing. They’re attractive and brief, ensuring the patient won’t get distracted while filling them out.

A simple but effective contact form

  • Accessible Contact Information – When a patient decides to make contact with you, the window of them acting on this decision is brief. Thus having contact information immediately available is vital to conversion. This information is always just a couple clicks away on NY Ketamine Infusions website.
  • Personal Touch – Patients seeking pain management often report that their relationship with their doctors is an important part of their experience. For the doctor, this means that building rapport needs to start before the patient ever appears in the office. Introductions like this one help fill that need.

Bio Information to Aid In Rapport Building

The Image this Website Reflects

A personal and professional website serving the cosmopolitan population of New York City. From the professional and streamlined design of the site to the imagery used in the leading banner every aspect of this site speaks of the city and population it serves. Information is complete and extensive while being presented in a way that’s easily digestible.

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