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New Canaan Podiatry was looking for a polished, professional look to their website that still providing a welcoming atmosphere. Competence and experience needed to be displayed to gain the confidence of the visitor, while not feeling so clinical that they weren’t inclined to look deeper. Additionally it was critical to Dr. Jennifer Tauber that the website present her philosophy that you can’t treat just the symptom, you have to treat the whole patient to find proper solutions.

Overview Of The Design

This website incorporates a pleasant, traditional approach to its design, welcoming the visitor with a splash of the company name and its logo. Throughout the top region the visitor finds immediate access to the areas within the website, making it clear that navigability and ease of access were major considerations. The presence of the social media share links along the right side is an atypical choice, but it demonstrates that they’re proud to serve you and want their patients to encourage their friends and family to use them too.

Use Of Colors

The color scheme is welcoming without being overbearing, traditional without being boring. The bright red of the logo and the “Meet Dr. Tauber” button both encourage action on the part of the viewer, a sort of non-verbal “call now!” that encourages without pressuring. The background grays and blacks create a calm environment that serves to ease, but not eliminate, this call. White is applied for professionalism and a ‘clean’ sensation that approaches, but does not reach clinical.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Bright images and friendly design intrinsic to this website’s design, along with an availability of information to the viewer. ‘Click here for testimonials, click there for information on the procedure, but most of all contact us and set up an appointment so we can see you in office’ are all subtle undertones worked into the design of the website. A solid design choice made by many clinics is the scrolling stream of testimonials found at the bottom, a practice based on the idea that there’s no advertising like word of mouth.

Marketing Aspect

The location of the clinic is regularly mentioned throughout the website and is in fact part of the clinics name, localizing this website before any exterior advertising has been done. The visitors are encouraged to aid in marketing by making the share links easily accessible throughout the entirety of the page, staying present throughout every inch of the home page. Additionally the types of care are prominently displayed and labeled so that search engines can easily find them.

The Image this Website Reflects

A bright, active lifestyle and a clinic that supports it. It’s clear from the website’s overall design that the clinic administers to those who spend their lives on their feet, from recreation to occupation. The choice of images in the website reflects this well, showing active people with active lifestyles tending to concerns with their feet. Worked into the imagery is bright sunny days and natural beauty, aiding the visitor in seeing themselves in the clinic, and back out enjoying the things they love most.


New Canaan Podiatry Designed by Optimized360

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