Neurologist in Lake County, Dr. Gary Kutsikovich

Neurologist in Lake County, Dr. Gary Kutsikovich

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Lake Country Neurologist contacted us to help make sure they had a great medical website that represented them and their practice. We set right to work using some of our best practices to put together a site that was both engaging and representative of the ethics of their practice. In the end, they loved what we produced for them, and it’s entered our gallery of design.

Overview Of The Design
The design starts with some medical website basics, including the use of blues, whites, and pinks throughout the site help to set the right tone. Combining this with images of patients with their doctors helps to establish a rapport with the patients before they ever enter your office. The use of minimalist pages with specific information keeps the site visit lightweight while making information easy to find and making it easy to access on mobile devices.

Use Of Colors
While blue and white are very common choices in medical website designs, pink isn’t seen as often. This is unfortunate given how gorgeous pink based websites can be. Pink helps to foster a sense of empathy and sensitivity, vital for attracting patients who are struggling with painful conditions like neuropathy, especially when the condition is chronic.
• Contrast – Subtle contrast is used throughout the site to draw the eye and guide visitors to where they need to be to find information and make the decision to use your practice for their needs.
• Attractive Menus – The menu’s on the site make excellent use of the science of color to make the menu easy to interact with and read.

Analysis Of Design Elements
Good web design is about more than color and needs to make use of a number of fundamental principles of visual aesthetic and approachable to be fully useful. This site is an excellent example of how simplicity can foster a site that is accessible and informative without overdoing it.
• Space – The use of space on this site is exquisite, providing each element of the website with its own space making it readable and easy to find.
• Navigation – Navigation throughout the website is made easy through the use of small menus and low content pages.
• About Us – This website focuses on the team found at the office and the professionals who work with them. This is a great first introduction to your future patients and an opportunity to start building rapport.

Marketing Aspect

Our clients are often surprised to hear us talk about marketing when we’re building them a site for a medical practice. In today’s digital marketplace marketing is about more than just getting more customers, it’s also a way of ensuring that those in need of your services are able to find you and connect with you.

Simple FormsThe contact forms found on the page make use of an essential element of good marketing design, forms with a limited number of fields.Contact Form
• Contact Information – The contact information is easily accessible on this website, prominently featured at the top of the page making it simple for your visitors to become patients as soon as the mood strikes. More conversions are lost when a visitor has to go searching around for a way to contact the company than any other.

The Image this Website Reflects
This website represents a simple and straightforward approach to providing information to patients in a compassionate and reassuring way. Throughout the site, the focus is on the comfort of the visitor and the needs they have that they’re looking to get met. The site also doesn’t overstay its welcome, using a minimum of content combined

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