Montgomery Dental Associates

Montgomery Dental Associates

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Montgomery Dental Associates focus on providing quality healthcare through cutting-edge services and advanced technology. Ensuring the patients get the most out of their oral health is the key goal of the Rockville natives. We made sure to create a custom website that would retain the team’s connection to the community, but also set them head and shoulders above the competition.

Design Overview

Dental work can be extremely daunting for many. Montgomery Dental Associates understands this and wished to ensure that all their patients were at ease when visiting the office. We reflected this wish on the website by linking credentials, testimonials, and informational patient visuals all on our navigation menu. We also provided an accessible form to request an appointment to see the Rockville dentists to round out the home page.

Use of Color

Throughout this site, the color scheme speaks of comfort, security, reliability, and stability, very much like the Montgomery mission statement. The brown and green color theme gives a sense of ease to the incoming web-visitors. Green is used to highlight certain calls to action buttons while brown serves as the primary background color.

The staff prides themselves on being mercury-free. Not only does this help the dentistry appeal to a more “eco-friendly” audience, but this also goes hand-and-hand with the color scheme as well.

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Elements of Design

When building any website, we go out of our way to ensure that all the features on the given website is easy to navigate and remains accessible at all times. The navigation menu on top of the web site features all the additional services and educational videos that any patient could ask for. The navigation menu also has drop-down elements for additional educational information.

The rotating image gallery on the homepage is also a great way to help another aspect of visuals to the website. Not only does this add a hint of distractibility and flair to the website, but it also can also be a great way to engage new or skeptical patients.

Engaging and communicating with your visitors is a great way to increase your chances of turning web-visitors into lifetime patients. Don’t be antisocial! If you find yourself having trouble with attracting new clients, click HERE to learn about some ways to be more social with your potential audience.

Marketing Aspect

We made sure all the images and videos were properly spaced and highlighted appropriately among their surrounding to ensure that nothing was overbearing or too direct. The website is a direct representation of the lighthearted nature and compassion always on display by the Montgomery Dental Associates.

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