Midtown Dental Care NYC

Midtown Dental Care NYC

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Overview of the Design

This custom dental website breaks all of the norms for general dentistry websites in New York City. The details throughout the site, from the advanced design elements to the content and images, create a distinctly unique space that stands out from the competition. On the home page, a traditional navigation bar is shortened to make room for the practice logo and a scheduling link. A large image fills space between the margins before leading into an introduction to the dentists at Midtown Dental Care and the types of services they offer.

The remainder of the website includes extensive educational articles on the types of treatments available at the practice, as well as information on certain types of conditions, such as TMD. The practice blog is also integrated into the website, allowing the site to remain fresh with new and relevant content on a regular basis.

Use of Colors

We opted for bold colors to give this website an urban appeal. Royal blue, black, and white create striking contrast and underscore the location of the practice and its logo. These colors also help to brand the practice and give it a more recognizable image that can be replicated across multiple advertising platforms – both online and offline.

Analysis of Design Elements

The Midtown Dental Care website features some spectacular design elements that are especially unique for a general dentistry practice. They are the type of elements that indicate a custom dental web design rather than a template-based or ‘cookie-cutter’ website. Once the page loads, viewers immediately notice a captivating time-lapsed image of New York City from the top of a Big Apple skyscraper. As clouds roll across the screen, day changes to night, and viewers begin scrolling down the page. Upon scrolling, the practice logo begins to shrink until it completely disappears.

Marketing Aspect

Much of the dental marketing for this practice is in attracting the attention of Midtown locals. Located in famous Time Square, Midtown Dental Care is easy to find and offers fantastic city views for patients undergoing dental treatment. We make it easy to schedule a first-time appointment with this practice. There is a large ‘button’ at the top of every page, as well as links and contact forms in other areas of the site. To help encourage visitors to schedule an appointment, the practice highlights the wide range of accepted insurance plans.

Image the Website Reflects

This website screams, “New York!” Top to bottom, it is filled with scrolling pictures of city views from the office itself. For New Yorkers who know their city well, this helps them to better identify with the practice and feel comfortable scheduling an appointment. We also included images of some of the advanced technology available at the practice – something that is in high demand in a city that tends to offer the crème de la crème in medical and dental care.

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