Mark Smith, D.D.S.

Mark Smith, D.D.S.

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Dr. Mark G. Smith manages his very own dental office in Northern Virginia. With a focus on general and cosmetic dentistry, we designed a website that would highlight all of Dr. Smith’s featured services and use of advanced dental technology to place his work head and shoulders above the competition.

Design Overview

When new patients enter the website, they are immediately shown Dr. Smith’s motto: we treat you like family. Not only does this give patients a great first impression, but also helps transition them into the Make an Appointment CTA right below it. The overall website has a modest, nature-themed approach that will appeal to both younger and older patients. We also included Dr. Smith’s featured services and some patient testimonials on the home page as well.

Placing testimonials on your site is a great way to make a standout impression on web-visitors. Testimonials place credibility and proof of results in your work and experience. We also use testimonials on our very own website as well!

Use of Color

We used a blue and beige color theme to match the natural surroundings of Northern Virginia. The use of beige over the spacious white background allows readers to read through the website without feeling overwhelmed. When you scroll over certain calls to action, you are greeted with a slight blue popping effect that adds a tad of modernism and flair to the design. This also allows the words to stand out, just a bit more without coming off as too pushy or aggressive. Blue also complements the dental industry as well and provides a natural sense of hope to the patients.

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Image the Website Reflects

We used nature-based imagery throughout the website to help ease any dental anxiety the patient may have. All the images reflect the professional manner that Dr. Smith operates under. Clear blue skies will help soothe anyone’s anxiety.

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Design Elements Marketing Aspect

The navigation menu we applied on the website has drop-down elements to ensure that information was spaced out accordingly. The about us tab features actual images from the office staff and the office itself. Under the articles tab, is essentially Dr. Smith’s blog. Blogging is a huge part of growing your website traffic organically. Each of Dr. Smith’s blogs has a FAQ section and several links that offer additional information to the readers.

To read more about why actively blogging is crucial on any dental website, click HERE.

To accommodate for a large amount of text and images on the website, we made sure to expertly manage the space throughout the site to establish the appropriate frames for images and text. No one likes a clustered web page. We made sure to implement the perfect harmony between images and text on Dr. Smith’s site.

Marketing Aspect

Accessibility and convenience are two of the most important aspects that incoming patients look out for. Dr. Smith offers new-patient forms on his website under the new patients tab. Under the same tab, there is also an additional link to the patient portal and smile gallery. Showing actual results from your office can be an easy way to convert web-visitors into lifelong patients. Selling yourself is key to any type of marketing!

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