Mariette Gynecology NORE Women’s Health

Mariette Gynecology NORE Women’s Health

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NORE Women’s Health came to us looking for a beautiful website that would encourage its visitors to become clients by passing on their company culture of comfort and support. We knew just the color scheme to lean on and how to apply it to help soothe the viewer while making them feel right at home before they ever set foot in the NORE office.

Overview Of The DesignNORE Klara Interface

The NORE Women’s Health website comes with a warm and welcoming color scheme that focuses on inspiring the visitor to be their best self. Images of open vistas greet them when they first arrive, with colors selected to inspire and ease them during their stay. Accessibility is also key, with the opportunity to make contact through the secure messaging application, Klara, available on every page.

Use Of Colors

Color is well used throughout the site, bringing a warm and welcoming atmosphere to it while aiding navigation and readability through the use of good contrast and highlighting. Our goal was to engender a sense of soothing comfort to the visitor and get them to relate that feeling to working with NORE.

• Contrast – Blue and white are common colors used in a site design to help make it stand out, and they’re particularly popular in medical designs. They’re versatile in their application, each able to be used as text, action buttons, or background equally well.
• Action Oriented – Throughout this site orange is used to drive action in the viewer, with the bright sunny color bringing a smile to the viewers face and assuring them they can feel good about working with NORE.


Analysis Of Design Elements

Website design is a surprisingly complex field, with hundreds of little decisions coming together to make or break a site’s look and feel. We made the following style decisions while working on NORE’s website.
• Space – White space is in abundance on this site, giving it an open and welcoming feel that never feels cramped. Information is easy to find and every aspect of the site has its place, framed and separated from other areas.
• Navigation – Navigation is also exceptionally easy on this website, with the menu always available at the top of the screen permitting visitors to get where they want to go with just a few clicks of the mouse. No hunting around for a link to the information you need.

• Contact Information – Contact information is easy to find with the NORE website, the phone number and social media links being ever present at the top of the screen by the menu. More information is available in a single click through the menu.

Marketing Aspect
In order for people to see your website, it’s necessary that the marketing angle is taken into consideration. Once your potential future customer has arrived on your website it’s time to start working on conversion, the point where a visitor becomes a client.

Data Mining With Simple Forms – Using a contact form like the following, you accomplish two things. You reach out to the customer and offer them a chance to start a relationship with your

facility, but you also garner their email for future marketing.

NORE Contact Form

Prominent Contact Information – Nothing kills an opportunity for a visitor to become a client like making them hunt around for your contact information. Prominently placed in the menu and in the footer of each page they’ll be able to strike while the iron of their whim to contact you is hot.

Video Integration – Once high-speed internet became available people became much more prone to seeking video in the sites they use. Even more important video gives you the opportunity to make a first impression both of your staff and your facility, building rapport from the very beginning.

NORE Video

Testimonials – Nothing drives conversion like positive word-of-mouth advertising, and having a spot on your page for your past clients to sing your praises to potentials is the best way to leverage it in the modern world.

NORE Testimonials
The Image this Website Reflects

This site represents a welcoming, non-judgmental practice that seeks to aid women with their concerns. The organization isn’t afraid to reach out to you, offering you the opportunity to make contact from the moment you land on their page. Ample information is provided about the therapies and treatments they provide, showing the visitor that patient involvement is an important part of their practice.

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