Mahajan Medical Center – Largo, FL

Mahajan Medical Center – Largo, FL

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Compassionate care is an integral part of patient care and is fundamental to Mahajan Medical Center’s philosophy.  We designed this medical website to promote their outstanding service to their patients.  The layout of the homepage allows patients to find information easily.  The featured services section promote specialties from Mahajan Medical Center.  In addition, the doctors are well recognized on the homepage with the special awards they have received.

Overview of Design

When dealing with any healthcare specialty, we want to make sure that the design elements used in the website reflect the theme at hand. As with all the compassionate staff at the Mahajan Medical Center, we wanted to follow their slogan of “we care to listen to our patients” by incorporating their ideas into the website design. Starting off with a huge navigation menu, patients will have plenty to review while on the website. There is plenty of info to review: testimonials, services, providers, office info, etc.

Design Elements / Use of Colors

When you think of a medical center, you most likely think of family and primary care. We made sure to run with a family oriented style when designing the website. Notice how the pictures scattered through the website depict family functionality.  Being social and interactive with your loved ones is crucial – we wanted to show that clearly through the chosen imagery.

In addition, the blue and white color theme on top of the wide, white background fits in perfectly with the profession at hand. The color blue is known for its ability to soothe and provide a sense of hope. The ample white space provides a professional tone throughout the website. Since we were dealing with a medical practice, implementing blue and white only seemed appropriate!

Marketing Aspect


The professionals at the medical center made it extremely apparent that customers and compassionate care play an important role in patient care – we applied that same fundamental philosophy while building their website. On the front page alone, you can find all sorts of interactive links featuring different services and support offered. There is even an interactive office room! The layout of the site is spacious, yet concise; not one bit of space is left empty without reason.

Image the Website Reflects

All in all, the combination of images, formatting, and visuals play a perfect role in representing the vision of the doctors over at Mahajan Medical Center. In addition to the site’s use of ADApt and SSL security, the medical professionals boast only the best certifications and training experience on their website. All the design elements all harmonize together to create one amazing medical website. What is excellent service without an excellent website, after all?

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