Luxe Women’s Health

Luxe Women’s Health

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Luxe Women’s Health is committed to providing exceptional healthcare for women of all ages. Building a long-term, meaningful relationship in a comfortable and calm environment with each of their patients is a key part of Luxe’s philosophy. We also believe that establishing a patient-professional relationship early on is especially important as well. We made sure to reflect this philosophy through their customized web design.

Design Overview

When you enter the home page for the first time, you are immediately greeted with a rotating image gallery along with a button to schedule an appointment. We opted to go with a full-length layout rather than the traditional website design with marginal white spaces to provide the site with a professional and modern feel. The navigational menu also has drop-down elements for additional information about the office staff and services offered. Making a lasting first impression is important. We made sure to highlight the team’s mission statement and a rotating testimonial gallery on the home page. We rounded out the home page with a form to contact the office as well.

Use of Color and Images

Luxe Women’s Health is catered towards women. When dealing with a feminine niche, you always want to use a color theme that will complement the work at hand. We used a subtle gold color scheme to primarily highlight different calls to action on the website. Gold also complements the image-heavy background that encompasses the home page. When used tastefully, gold gives a sense of luxury and importance to the site. 

We made sure to use family-oriented photos to give the impression that Luxe Women’s Health is professional, but also approachable. When designing any website, it is important that the images clearly resonate with your target audience. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to use images on your website to increase audience engagement.

Elements of Design

Space is expertly managed throughout the site. The frames, text, and images are all legible and blend in symmetry with each other. We integrated different fonts, letterings, and alternative links to help reader engagement. We used cursive fonts for the header fonts to grab the reader’s attention while also adding a flash of flair and style to the different web pages.

The services page offers a large amount of volume for readers to digest. The FAQ incorporates a drop-down menu for additional information. This was also done to ensure that the text did not become overbearing or crowded. We also used square borders to ensure a perfect balance between the text and visuals.

Marketing Aspect

The testimonials tab on your navigation menu is the home to multiple reviews from real patients. Placing testimonials on your site is a great way to make a standout impression on skeptical web-visitors. Testimonials place credibility and proof of results in your work and experience. We also use testimonials on our very own website as well!

We have also made it easier than ever to schedule an appointment by implementing a link to the office phone number on the top banner. This instantly helps mobile web-visitors call the office without having to hassle with opening and closing multiple tabs. We strategically placed widgets to the team’s Facebook and Google page right next to the contact information as well. Quick links to help navigate through the web pages are also always available near the bottom of any web page.

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