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Dr. Steven Vondonick is very passionate about dental health care and enjoys practicing dentistry. Legacy Dental was created to helps those who want a smile that will last a lifetime. They will ensure that your oral health care will be taken cared of as well as your overall health. They want to make sure that their patients are comfortable in their office and aware of what they might be enduring during a visit. Dr. Vondonick is very active in his lifestyle and wants to make sure that he always is. He will help as many patients as he can and will make sure they are given the best service from him and his staff.

Design Overview

This dentist’s website is a depiction of Legacy Dental and has been exclusively designed for Dr. Steven Vondonick. There is on-site SEO that pushes him above his competitors and website support to help him with any questions. There is an appointment form so patients can request an appointment.

All of our websites suit the clientele and specialty to ensure that it remains easy to navigate and approachable for their patient base.  Their patients are used to the beauty and luxuriousness of one of Kansas’s most respectable neighborhoods, and the design had to reflect that.

Live Chat Bar

Use of Color

When you first reach this site you’re presented with a beautiful home page that looks like it could be framed and hung in any of Kansas’s most respectable studios.  The color selection we used was a mixture of green and brown – two simple earth tones.

Navigation Menu

Green and brown both provide a sense of growth and calming. We primarily used brown to highlight CTA buttons on the website. When used in conjunction, both make for a beautiful combination of beauty and accessibility!

Analysis of Website Design

There’s more to design than a splash of color and a few pretty pictures, the entire site needs to be organized to be accessible to the visitor while meeting the aesthetic the client desires.  All of these elements brought together to create an effective design.
    • Space – The use of negative and positive space throughout the site helps to organize things in an approachable way.  Throughout the site, you’ll see the areas being broken down by section to leave them readable and visually appealing.
    • About Us – The about us section continues to highlight the aesthetics of the office, but also introduces you to the team, balancing being informative with brevity, the two key parts of an effective About Us Page.
    • Informational Footer –  The footer in this design contains a variety of useful information to aid the viewer in contacting the clinic and reaching the site, including a number for dental emergencies that immediately pops out.
    • Responsive Design – This website looks equally good on a 28” monitor or a 5.5” handheld device thanks to its responsive design.  In today’s world where the majority of website hits are from a mobile device, this is an essential key to accessibility.

Services Offered

Marketing Aspect

Website users have an extremely short tolerance for websites that don’t load quickly.  Within seconds of viewing the site, the visitor will have been hit with a striking image that catches their attention and is presented with the information they need to connect to make an appointment. The menu is always present at the top of the screen, allowing your visitor to find their way to any portion of the website they’re looking for with ease.  This is another way of optimizing speed but also increases the overall usability of the site, something visitors crave.

Image the Website Reflects

With the elegant imagery put forth on the home page, this clinic appears as a destination office, a place that you want to be seen and can claim as your dental care office to the envy of your friends. Every element of the design centers around this but also reflects a no-nonsense design that is direct and to the point. Overall it’s a comfortable and approachable site that is sure to instill confidence in visitors.

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