Laraway Family Dentistry in The Woodlands, TX

Laraway Family Dentistry in The Woodlands, TX

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At Laraway Family Dentistry, their main priority is to serve patients with full-service dental care using the latest dental technology. One of the best marketing aspects of Laraway Family Dentistry is that they provide in-house services to the teeth and gums in particular. In addition to dental implants and orthodontics, they also provide sedative work for TMJ teeth grinding, and the removal of mercury fillings. Since this was such a particular niche in the world of dentistry, we sought to create a website that would highlight the specialty in question.

Overview of Design

When dealing with the dentistry field, having a connection to the readers is especially important. Layaway Dental knew this and wanted to create a navigation bar that would highlight all the different engagements available. The navigation bar is home to its wide array of services along with testimonials and educational patient videos. We also implemented square borders throughout the home page. This was done to highlight the rotating image gallery.

The use of special effects helps add a bit of pop while readers are navigating the website. As an additional bonus, we created a custom logo for the dental team. In an industry full of robotic doctors, adding a personal touch to the website can go a long way in helping the potential patients connect and commit to their smile makeover.

Use of Color

We implemented a navy blue color scheme throughout the website to compliment the dentistry specialty. The navy blue helps create harmony with all the surround images that float throughout the website. Blue also presents visitors with a feeling of optimism and hope – two of the main ingredients to lifelong success in dentistry. The design of the website is catered to detail. We made sure to not over-dominate any of the additional features by keeping the colors simple but effective in adding a slight flare to the overall appeal of the site.

Design Elements

Navigation Menu

With all the refined content that the client had to offer, we made sure to allow ample space for incoming traffic to find what they needed. White space in the background is used primarily to establish areas of frame, text, and images. Regardless of the web page, you will find that the navigation bar will always be available near the top banner. The About Us page highlights the different dentists in the office as well as their educational background. Having access to this sort of information can make or break a client’s decision to commit to an operation. Since Layaway Dentistry is engrained within the teeth and gums specialty, having a bit of additional information can really convince the skeptical clients that they will be in good hands.

Dental Video Example

Patient videos are also available on the website for those who want to personally meet the doctors and learn more about the procedures they handle. Videos are a great way to visually connect with an audience. All the images on the website are also a clear reflection of the work ethic and operation procedures that the Layaway dentists handle. They are all professional and add an overall warmness to the site.

Marketing Aspect

Layaway Family Dentistry has one thing down – and that is certainly marketing. They have skillfully incorporated both images and videos to enhance user engagement throughout the website. Their personalized banner not only offers office information and links to their social media but also captures the individualism that the company possesses. On the navigation bar and landing page, there are quick links to their educational blog. Blogging is one of the best ways to organically grow your website traffic over time. To top it all off, their website is protected through SSL security. This is a great way to prevent hackers from accessing important client information such as addresses, phone numbers, or credit card numbers.

SSL Security

Image the Website Represents

This site demonstrates a clear, minimalist design for the end user that makes scheduling, getting information, and navigation throughout the site a breeze.  This site is perfect for those looking for a lightweight site that’s easy to navigate and lets the content speak for itself. From the color theme to the imagery, Layaway Family Dentistry is all about results and patient care.

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