Kim Rosen, DDS

Kim Rosen, DDS

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“Let’s get to know each other” is the clear intent of the Kim Rosen dental website, with the main page opening with a bright family ready to welcome you. Everything about this website makes it clear that this is a practitioner who puts great value in being part of her community and is eager to invite you in. Bright smiles, bright colors, and a light conversational tone tells the visitor that they’re welcome and that we hope they’ll stay.

Overview Of The Design

Bright smiling faces that seem to say “We’d like to welcome your family to be part of ours,” making it clear that this location is a family practice that is eager to build relationships with yours. Links to sections on Cosmetic Dentistry, Preventative Care, and General Dentistry all use pictures of couples or families to further this message. The Office Tour link at the bottom takes another step towards welcoming the visitor into the Kim Rosen dental practice.

Use Of Colors

White and blue are prevalent colors used in the design of medical and dental websites in particular. Evoking a feeling of compassion and professionalism these colors help to draw a viewer in and set them at ease. Dentistry can often be a challenging space for children and adults alike, so immediately soothing the fears associated with through the use of color can go a long way to making this location the new home for dentistry for the visitor.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Faces, smiles, groups of people, and brightness free from any darker colors or tones create the perfect impression as you land on this page. This design is focused on drawing in families, which is why every image you’ll encounter, with rare exception, shows a group of people or a family. It’s important to note that the overall imagery used in this site is decidedly young, demonstrating that this practice is heavily focused on young and growing families in the prime of their life. While older patients may not be deliberately excluded, they are not presented giving the entire practice a youthful feel.

Marketing Aspect

There are a few subtle notes on this site that demonstrate its target audience. Overall is the use of pictures of young families in their prime that tells the visitor this is aimed at a younger clientele. While not well represented the inclusion of diversity in the site indicates that the home location of the clinic is of mixed heritage, and they are a family practice for everyone. The addition of an office tour forwards the goal of helping the visitor visualize themselves as part of the Kim Rosen DDS family. This tour helps to put the patient in the space and creates familiarity before they’ve ever visited the office.

The Image this Website Reflects

A family oriented business is eager to serve its community and form lasting relationships with its clientele. The welcoming atmosphere for this website includes distinct links to information about the staff that works there, encouraging the visitor to get to know them before they ever arrive at the office.

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