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Overview of the Design

Katy Dental Experts is a family and cosmetic dental practice operating in a highly saturated market. For custom dental websites like this one, the primary goal is to spotlight the features that set the practice apart from the competition. The home page is beautifully designed and highly visual. Right away, visitors are introduced to Dr. Halaweh and given an explanation of what makes this practice different from the rest.

This site is highly geared toward marketing, with several calls to action and special offers featured on the home page and on a page of their own. It also includes information about the advanced equipment available at the office – something important in a large suburb where progressive technology is quickly becoming the standard rather than the exception. Ultimately, the aim for this custom dental web design was creating an attractive space that draws new visitors in, quickly answers their questions, and converts them to first-time patients.

Use of Colors

Black is a bold and blunt hue that is rarely used to cover broad space on a professionally designed dental website. However, this practice is committed to becoming a foremost authority in its local community, which called for a brave use of color that others might be less inclined to use. We felt that black and white were highly appropriate for use on this site, given the timelessness and elegance they possessed coupled with the strength the contrasting hues represent.

Analysis of Design Elements

To help offset the boldness of the black and white color palette, we included curves throughout the design, which help soften its appearance as a whole. Scrolling through the site, muted images appear to burst with color when selected. Overall, though, we opted for an updated translation of a traditional dental website complete with a standard navigational menu, easy-to-find office, service, and contact pages, as well as a blog and an area dedicated to patient testimonials.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing is all about highlighting the aspects of a practice that are most attractive to new patients. For example, this practice offers new patients a first-time consultation at no cost. Since this is a major draw for individuals searching for a new dentist, we spotlighted this free feature at the top of the site’s home page. We also included links to social media accounts and opportunities to request an appointment at multiple points throughout the site. This site includes a progressive marketing element with the inclusion of a ‘call now’ button that directly connects to the practice phone during regular business hours.

Image the Website Represents

The images that scroll at the top of the home page all have one thing in common:  beautiful, healthy-looking smiles. What differs between them is the stages of life of the individuals photographed. That is intentional, since this practice markets itself as a family practice treating patients of all ages. We also included a featured services area with images that correspond to the services they represent. Finally, we implemented pictures of the practice itself, which makes it seem more approachable to those who may otherwise be apprehensive about visiting a new dentist for the first time.

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