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Overview of the Design

In creating a custom web design for Internal Medicine Telehealth Solutions, we wanted to create a space that was informative, personable, and a direct reflection of the practice itself. Based in San Antonio, Texas, this practice is located in a multilingual metropolis with a large Hispanic and Latino population. In addition to providing some integrated Spanish translation on the front page, this practice also chose to incorporate a translation tool for visitors who prefer to view the information on this website in any one of more than 100 languages.

To help those unfamiliar with telehealth better understand the practice, the navigation bar includes information about the types of preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services offered – including care for chronic and mental health conditions. We also included social media links on the site that provide a means for new and potential patients to stay connected with the practice outside of e-visit appointments.

Use of Colors

The use of color is thematic within this site. Predominately, we chose green and blue, which is evident on every page of the site. Green signifies life and wellness, as well as an impression that the practice is down-to-Earth and relatable. The cool shades of blue, on the other hand, are calming and reassuring for new patients. Blue implies a sense of healing and understanding, and it also softens the image of the practice as a whole.

Analysis of Design Elements

The design features within this website include special effects, including the award-winning parallax scroll, which provides depth to the website through a three-dimensional effect. With parallax scroll, the site appears to be divided into a foreground and background, the latter of which remains stationary as the user scrolls through the text and imagery on the page. Not only does this unique effect stand out to viewers, but it also helps the practice appear more modern – something that corresponds well with the progressive nature of telehealth medicine.

Marketing Aspect

Internal Medicine Telehealth Solutions provides unique medical care for patients in the form of telecommunication. Since the practice primarily works with patients through an online audio-visual telehealth platform, there are opportunities laden throughout the site for visitors to request an appointment called an e-visit. In addition to online e-visit requests, the site also provides additional contact options via phone and email.

Image the Website Reflects

As a practice focused on the primary health of its patients, Internal Medicine Telehealth Solutions uses visual elements to connect with the emotions of potential patients and gain their trust. Since telehealth provides services to patients in the comfort of their homes, the goal of this site’s design is to help visitors view the practice as more of a local service with healthcare providers they could imagine living in the same communities with. Highly recognizable views of a well-known landmark, the San Antonio Riverwalk, as well as a muted background displaying beautiful bluebonnets, leave no doubt that Internal Medicine Telehealth Solutions is proud of its Texas Hill Country heritage.

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