Integrated Medical Center

Integrated Medical Center

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At Integrated Medical Centers, we pride ourselves in providing patient-centered care that gets results.  The doctors wanted a site where patients can easily navigate around their information.  The blue, green, and white color scheme makes it easy to read.

Design Overview

The website is designed with a flowing open look that is bright and uplifting while remaining unerringly professional.  Their patient first view is clearly indicated in the selection of images used and the information they provide about their clinic and the work they perform there.

Use of Color

The foundation of the website’s color scheme is a common one for medical or physical therapy sites like this one. The blue and white make it almost impossible to separate from health concerns in the mind of most internet users. 
• Contrast – White and blue provide a delightful contrast that isn’t harsh or jarring on the eyes. Throughout the site, white and blue are alternately used for text and background to help create the flowing style.
• Action Oriented – A splash of green can be found throughout the site to encourage action on the part of the viewer, whether to sign up for an appointment or to read reviews about the clinic and the work they perform.

Color Theme

Design Elements

The flowing design of this website was accomplished through the use of common design elements in ways that would keep things open and readable. Information is presented in small bites with a focus on contacting the clinic on the home page, with further information available through the use of the menu.
 Space – With the prevalence of elderly patients who used their services a design that wasn’t overwhelming was essential to the accessibility of the website.
About Us – The About Us section of this website presents a solid mission statement, vital as a method of connecting with your clients.  It also describes the relationship the patients can expect with their staff.
Informational Footer – A properly informative footer includes all the elements found here. A link to google maps directions to their office combines with their address, phone number, email, and social media accounts to ensure contact is just a click away.
Responsive Design – The layout of the site is designed to respond to the size of the viewing platform, an essential element of website design in a world where the majority of all views come from mobile devices.

Marketing Aspect

Contact and Social Media

For physical therapy work, marketing is the backbone of the website’s ability to convert visitors into customers. This website’s light-weight design utilizes simple effects to ensure that loading times are minimized. The majority of the images used on the website depict interactions between patients and the physical therapist. The design elements are focused to be comfortable and engaging. Constant communication through CTAs is prevalent throughout the website.

Image the Website Reflects

Physical Therapy Care

This website reflects an office that understands its client base and is designed to meet their needs without drowning them in information or a site that’s difficult to navigate.  Visitors are able to arrive and place in an appointment with just one click, respecting their time and relationship with technology.

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