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Maestro Dental approached us with their website project looking for something that would help them connect to their patients while presenting a look that was both welcoming and professional. The end result is one we’re proud of, and that the patients of this Houston based company have responded to well.

Overview Of The Design

With the family-oriented nature of this dental practice, we knew we had to start with a hero image that represented that focus. From there we went on to include an engaging color scheme and a layout that was easy to navigate and responsive so it would look amazing on whatever platform it was viewed on.

Use Of Colors

The color palette started with a white background selected for its neutral qualities, combined with subtle grays that would jump out at the viewer without overpowering the rest of the imagery. Orange was included to give a splash of interest and to draw the visitors eye to areas that answer questions or require action on the users part.
• Contrast – White and gray contrast each other well, with white bringing out the subtle rich tones in the areas gray is used. It serves to soften the brightness of the white background and provide an attractive palette for white text.
• Action Oriented – Orange is used throughout the site to call the viewer to action and alert them to important opportunities to engage with their providers.

VIP Consultation Button

Soothing Presence – Blue is another major component of the website’s design, and is commonly seen in medical website design for its soothing nature.

Analysis Of Design Elements

When you’re designing a website you have to take countless elements into consideration, ranging from the use of white space (empty space) to the ease of navigation. A well-designed site will have these and other details in balance to create a website that’s a pleasure to use.
• Space – White space is a valuable aspect of website design that aids in navigation, improves appearance, and can play a major role in the responsive nature of its design. Maestro Dental’s design ensures that text blocks are easy to read and attractive on mobile or desktop.
• Navigation – Ease of navigation is essential for the user experience if they can’t find their way around your site they won’t be able to locate the vital information they need. Maestro Dentals uses an easy to find menu along with box style navigation.

Box Based Navigation

• About Us – Maestro Dental’s About Us page is found under “Our Practice” and contains three valuable links. An “About Us” link to introduce the visitor to the staff and dentists they’ll be working with, “Our Office” which gives a first glimpse of the facility they’ll be visiting, and a review page showing testimonials from their satisfied customers.
Informational Footer Informational footers are a great way to provide your visitors with information in a reliable location. Most internet users these days know that a quick scroll to the bottom of a page will get you everything you need to get in touch with the website owner, so they’re just a part of good web design.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing is a valuable part of any website design ensuring that the patients that need your services are able to find you. Without marketing, it’s likely you’ll wind up with more empty seats at your office and patients who aren’t able to connect with you. It’s not just about them finding your site, either, but about the experience, they have once they’ve arrived.

Navigation – The comprehensive informational footer combined with the use of the box-style navigation ensures that your patients will be able to find important information about your services and be more likely to make an appointment.

Appointment Form – Having a form that allows your patients to easily make an appointment without picking up the phone is a major contributor to conversion, that point when a visitor becomes a new patient. Minimalist forms like the one on Maestro Dental have been show to be more effective than forms with lots of fields to enter.

Appointment Form

Video EnhancementMarketing research has revealed that using videos in your site is a great way to start building rapport with your visitors and getting them started on the road of thinking of you as “their provider”. The use of videos in this site are both educational and engaging, helping to drive conversion.

The Image this Website Reflects

This site represents a facility that is dedicated to family service and educating its patients on their dental care. Patient involvement is a major element people are looking for in the modern medical industry, so the educational focused aspect of this site is forward thinking and modern. That being said it also presents a welcoming and professional air, setting the right tone for their visit to your office.

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