Hearn Dental Care – Dr. Tom Hearn – Kokomo, IN

Hearn Dental Care – Dr. Tom Hearn – Kokomo, IN

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Hearn Dental Care is all about standing out from its contemporaries. Dr. Tom Hearn, the founder of both office locations, made this clear upfront during the developmental process. With so many different dental websites on the web, Dr. Hearn wanted to create a website that would not only offer customer testimonials and traffic but more so a website that would draw clients in based on special offers and promotions.

Overview of Design

When you enter the site, you will notice right off the bat, all the different colors and borders that encompass the homepage. The personalized logo stands out and makes you immediately feel at home. The design layout is a mixture of modernism and layered. The navigation bar is bare but concise. The homepage serves as a testament to customer testimonials, Dr. Hearn’s biography, and even promotional offers. It’s the small things that matter – Dr. Hearn knew this and made sure that the home page would make a lasting impression on the incoming traffic. Packed with everything any patient would need, it makes the perfect first impression for any patient.

Use of Color

We didn’t stick to one particular color theme when it came to this website design. There are an array of colors utilized in the design. One standout design element we did incorporate in the color theme was to highlight the call to actions. We purposely utilized brighter colors to catch the reader’s attention where it mattered most. Having no set color theme also helped all the different colors blend in with all the visuals and image effects throughout the website.

Design Elements

With all the special promotions and offers on the site, we made the design as family-orientated s possible. The images depict friendliness and warmth. The visuals in general help reflect the professionalism and attention to customer satisfaction that Dr. Hearn applies in his philosophy.

Services Offered

One interesting feature to note about Dr. Hearn’s website is that there is actually only one page. The navigation bar is simply a redirection tool and nothing more. This means that we were able to make the homepage as smooth to navigate as possible. We matched the perfect blend of accessibility and spacing through border frames. Every item on the homepage bleeds into the next – making for a digestible, interactive read.

Marketing Aspect

Notice the call to action using the color orange. Special promotions stand out without the color theme. The contact information and services are easy to find using the navigation bar. At the bottom of the web page, there are also interactive maps that lead to both office buildings ( along with additional contact and social media information). As a final touch, Dr. Hearn also offers patient financing for patients without insurance. This is extremely rare in the dentistry world and is a huge draw factor when it comes to reaching out to new clients.


Image the Website Represents

The website represents the unique and approachable image of Hearn Dental Care. Dental work can be daunting and frightening. The images and special promotions work hand in hand in easing patients as they enter the modern website!

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