Glo Dental Care – Corcoran, CA

Glo Dental Care – Corcoran, CA

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Glo Dental Care is committed to providing quality healthcare to patients of all ages. One key aspect of the Glo dental team provides comprehensive solutions to their patients’ oral health. We wanted to take that sort of client commitment when creating their website by focusing on a family oriented style built for general dentists as well.

Overview of Design

As with all our clients, we tailor each site individually to mold with the specialty they work with. In this case, general dentistry. We went with a clean and open surface to highlight all the additional features the doctors had to offer. An elegant and classy interface with a detail navigation bar sets Glo Dental apart from the competition. The style of the homepage is based around squares to allow readers to hone in on the material in front of them. The lack of all the fancy gadgets shows the doctor’s confidence in their own work.

Use of Colors / Design Elements

We incorporated the use of baby blue and teal within the color scheme of the webpage to correlate with the dental focus. Teal is a great color to incorporate into any website when your goal is to soothe and calm nerves. Dental work can come hand in hand with dental anxiety- for both young and old patients. It is important to use colors that will make for a calming, welcoming first impression for new visitors.

Glo Dental Social Media and Navigation Menu

All the pictures on the website are clear reflections of satisfied patients. The last thing anyone wants to see when looking for dental advice is a bad webpage design. There is a square text focus throughout the website that highlights the testimonials and different procedures offered. Their office tour tab on the navigation menu even has live photo shots of the actual office building and staff! This helps add personality and life to the robotic-doctor stigma that we see much too often.

Marketing Aspect

Glo Dental’s website is protected with SSL security to prevent hackers from retrieving valuable information. With an impressive portfolio of reviews and testimonials on the navigation menu, readers near the Corcoran area will be sure to give the office a call. Conveniently, we have added a call to action in the form of a consultation form at the bottom of each web page in case this is the case. There are also quick links and extensions leading to their different social media platforms as well under each page.

Image the Website Represents

Glo Dental Services

The website reflects a warm, positive and safe place like home. The fresh soft-color palette pictures are attractive and inviting. The visitors feel a sense of connection with the doctor through those smiling faces on the website. One important aspect of the website is that it succeeds in creating the homely vibe making the visitor easy and comfortable to visit the facility without any sort of dental anxiety.

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