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As experts in Gynecologic Oncology for over 25 years, the Gynecologic Oncology Association gave us the responsibility to create a customized website design that would not only highlight their dedication and experience in the industry but to also emphasize the cutting-edge services and technology that differentiates them from the competition.

Design Overview

For this unique design, we operated with a full-width layout rather than the traditional website with marginal white spaces on the side. The home page navigational menu spans the upper portions of the pages and decompresses into a hamburger menu when the page is minimized. Establishing a strong doctor-patient relationship early on can be the difference between a hesitant patient, and a committed, lifelong patient. The bottom portion of the home page is dedicated to introducing the web-visitors to the team of gynecologists and presenting the different services provided.

Use of Color

The teal green color we used on the website serves to give a sense of hope to incoming patients. When set along the wide, white background, the teal green helps give the impression that the Gynecologic Oncology Associates are a progressive practice that cares about their patients. Teal green is perfect for catching the reader’s attention. The hue is never too pushy or aggressive, but not extremely light either. We primarily used it to highlight certain calls to action.

Elements of Design

Space is expertly managed throughout the website. The ample amount of white background along the text helps the patients navigate through the site with ease. We incorporated parallax effects throughout the website as well. Square borders throughout the website help keep everything appropriately in place. The Gynecologic Oncology tab, in particular, is home to a variety of different informationals and blogs that help educate and answer frequently asked questions. There are also several patient information videos for visual learners as well.

The videos tab displays several informationals about the office’s services and features. For most of these videos, the narrator is often a doctor from the association as well. This is a great way to market and establish trust with new patients. This is also a great way to help any patients with dental anxiety and can mean the difference between a skeptical patient to a committing, lifelong patient.

Image the Website Represents

Most of the visuals that are on the website, disregarding the professional educational images, actually include the doctors of the Gynecologic Oncology Associates themselves. The our team tab showcases the different doctors with an actual image along with their education and training experience.

The home page display image features the entire team as they welcome you with open arms to schedule an appointment. This gives the impression that the gynecologists are professional and warm. With such a delicate niche at work, gaining the trust and commitment of the patient is the initial, and most important step of the process. We made sure the images and visuals on the site clearly reflected that.

Marketing Aspect

Making a stand-out impression is a huge factor when it comes to patient commitment and doctor credibility.  To help generate more website traffic, we created multiple links to help market their Facebook and YouTube channel. Both social media widgets are always available at the very top and very bottom banners of each web page.

The news tab helps to return patients keep in touch with all the updates and changes to the association. Returning patients also have access to the patient portal through our navigation menu. For new patients, patient forms are also handily available in both English and Spanish as well.

Patient care is extremely important to the Gynecologic Oncology Associates. We included a widget dedicated just to the patients on the left side of each web page. This means that when you visit the web page, you are immediately presented with all the educational or patient information at your disposal! To top it all off, the testimonial page not only shows off several successful patients but also links readers to their additional Google, Yelp! and Heathgrades reviews.




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