Gym Spa – Hallandale Beach, Florida

Gym Spa – Hallandale Beach, Florida

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Gym Spa has a customized design that will allow the user to enter a directory page that gives the options of two websites. This will make the experience more personalized for the user since it will specify what they are seeking from Gym Spa. Within these medical websites, we have created the layout of a modernized theme that is both eye-appealing and easy to navigate through. There are specialized videos that the user can view in order to get more informed about the services and their practice. For the account holder, there are email accounts that are customized for the office. Specialty content was created to make these websites more personalized.

Overview of Design and Use of Color

To accommodate for cosmetic surgeons and their specialty, we went with a visual and clean route when designing the website. The revolving digital photo gallery that guest instantly sees when they visit the page is a clear example of that. The first impression a guest builds is especially important when it comes to creating a working relationship. We went with an approach that is clear and concise.

We incorporated a darker gradient when designing the site; more specifically, using red, grey, and black to incorporate the sleek visuals that any spa visitor would appreciate. The overarching design of the web page is a direct representation of the Gym Spa team: clean and stunning. There is a ton to explore on the web page – all conveniently located on the top navigation bar. From facial and body rejuvenation to IV therapy and anti-aging medicine, we designed a layout that would highlight all that Gym Spa had to offer.

Elements of Design

When incorporating multiple elements of design in any website, you want to make sure that everything flows together. We made sure spacing was expertly managed throughout the site by using white space to establish image areas and frame text. Navigation is spacious. No matter which web page you are on, the navigation menu is always available. The site is designed to integrate volume with style. On most pages, there is a gliding effect that catches the reader’s attention. All the images on the website are professional and uplifting.

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Marketing Aspect

When we look at a website, we want to make sure it matches our expectations. We marketed accordingly. As guests enter the site, you are immediately drawn to the sleek, sexy look that we aimed for when designing the website. Nothing is hidden; everything is out for display. Links to their social media is subtly linked at the bottom of every navigation page. Below the stunning portfolio pictures, we also incorporated links to their biography, membership, and shop accordingly. Our goal is to always let users experience a great first impression and the most optimal experience possible when visiting any of our websites. When you click on any of these tabs, you are redirected accordingly to information about the featured products.

By avoiding large and unnecessary features, Gym Spa aims to prominently display their products in high fashion. Cosmetics is all about appearance – we aimed to build this website from start to finish accordingly.

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