Greenwood Chiropractic Clinic

Greenwood Chiropractic Clinic

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Managed by Dr. Micheal Arsheed, the Greenwood Chiropractic Clinic has been servicing the Seattle area for over three decades. When creating any alternative medicine or fields of work dealing with sensitive issues, we make sure to integrate a website design that is both reassuring and comforting.

Overview of Design

For this unique design, we create a website that would utilize marginal white space on the sides. The home page holds the clinic’s mission statement, navigation menu, and location. On the top half of the home page, there is a rotating image gallery. These images help catch the eyes of the visitors and encourage additional site engagement. To add a hint of flair, we also incorporated a personalized logo near the top of the header. The logo not only helps complement the color scheme but the profession as well.

Greenwood Logo

When dealing with any sort of alternative medicine website, it is important to keep in mind your potential audience. We made sure to highlight the most important information in our navigation menu to ensure patients would leave the website informed above all else. Credentials, testimonials, and reviews all play a huge part in the patient’s decision-making process when it comes to committing to a new specialty or doctor.

Use of Color


We chose green as our primary color for this website. The use of green over the spacious white background allows readers to read through the website without feeling overwhelmed. When you scroll over certain calls to action, you are greeted with a slight popping effect that adds a tad of modernism and flare to the design. This also allows the words to stand out, just a bit more without coming off as too pushy or aggressive.

Elements of Design

Space is expertly managed throughout the site. The frames, text, and images are all legible and blend in symmetry with each other The information on every web page is complete and extensive while still being easily digestible. The wide background provides an optimal reading environment for incoming patients – space is expertly managed to cater to the frame and image sizing and formatting. The services page offers a large amount of volume for readers to digest. When you click on any of the services, in particular, it redirects you to an additional FAQ page that breaks down the topic even further.

FAQ Screenshot

Marketing Aspect

As with all medical specialties or alternatives, gaining the trust of your patients is the number one priority. To do so, you must strategically market yourself accordingly.Under the Seattle Chiropractic Office, patients can review the clinical history of the office. In addition, they are led step by step through the entire chiropractic process. This is a great way to establish a start to the patient-doctor relationship before even stepping in the building. When you present yourself to be personable and compassionate, you create a sense of hope and safety with the patient that can often last a lifetime. The FAQ tab is essentially an even more extensive breakdown of the different issues that chiropractic can solve. If you ever need to locate your estimated time of arrival to the office, just head over to the contact tab on our navigation menu. There will be an interactive Google map waiting just for you!

Image the Website Represents

The website is extremely simplistic and streamlined to give visitors the information they need – and quickly. This represents the urgent nature that comes with chiropractic. The Seattle natives are compassionate and want to help everyone. We made sure that call to actions would be presented at all times to ensure that visitors would be more inclined to commit to seeing Greenwood Chiropractic.

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