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Beyond Smiles

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Beyond Dental offers patients a full-spectrum approach to dentistry with comfort, functionality, and longevity as the primary goals. Beyond Dental is more than a dental practice; it is a smile destination committed to our patients’ complete oral health.

Design Overview

Dr. Cory Nguyen visualized a clean dental website with attractive imagery that would captivate all visitors to his dental website.  Plenty of white space throughout the site allows the doctor’s important information to be easily read.  A navigation menu at the top of the website is also convenient for users to quickly find the information they need. When compressed on a desktop, the navigation menu turns into a hamburger menu as well.

Use of Color

The website primarily uses a mixture of blue and white in the color theme. Blue is used to highlight headers and key functions of the site. It is action oriented and catches the eyes of incoming patients without coming off as too pushy or aggressive. Settling around the blue, we used a white background to allow optimal navigation and add credibility to the site.

The healthcare industry is a crucial part of human life. The doctors wear blue and white; blue is associated with trust and care; white is a great design color. To read more about why most medical websites use blue and white, click HERE.

Elements of Design

 Visuals are a great medium for incoming patients who want to see what they are getting into. Underneath the procedures tab, patients can find hours of information about dental conditions and treatment options in their dentistry database. The homepage also features a visual mission statement that introduces the site visitors to the office and dental team. We used square borders to hold together all the different visuals and text on the home page.

Under the services tab, patients can be redirected into greater detail about the different procedures available. Breaking down procedures step-by-step is a great way to increase your chances of having a patient commit to your services. Commitment and trust go a long way in establishing the roots of a patient-doctor relationship.

To observe some good and bad examples of patient-doctor relationships, watch this 4 minute YouTube video.

Image the Website Represents

The website represents the overall importance Dr. Nyguen places on patient satisfaction while still maintaining a professional image. The blue and white colors along with the images on the website reflect Dr. Nyguen’s dedication to his craft and his patients. A YouTube video featuring the office staff in action welcomes the visitors within the website and gives the impression that the entire dental office is approachable and friendly.

Marketing Aspect

We understand the importance of having an excellent patient experience. We dedicated a tab specifically for the patients. On this particular tab, patients can request an appointment, grab patient forms, and see the financial & insurance options available.

Dr. Nyguen understands that dental work is not cheap. We made sure to highlight the different promotions he offers throughout the website.




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