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Overview of the Design

The Forever Young Cosmetic website is making its name in a relatively new area of practice – medical spa services. This practice blurs the lines between health and aesthetics, appealing to potential patients who want to look and feel their best. Despite serving both men and women, the site is decidedly feminine, with cursive fonts and female silhouettes. We wanted to give visitors the impression they would be pampered during each visit, and achieve the long-term results they seek after treatment.

A catchy tag line intrigues visitors atop the home page and invites them to find out more about the services offered at the office. We also included a prominent callout that highlights limited time offers, such as free consultations. At the bottom of the home page, many of the practice services come into light, followed by a brief “About Us” section. The rest of the website goes into greater detail about the team, the office, and the available services. We also implemented new patient forms for convenience, as well as a comprehensive appointment request and contact area of the site.

Use of Colors

The idea of better skin, a healthier body, and a more pleasing appearance is something that incites hope in new patients. We chose a selection of bright neutral shades of gray, blue, and white for this website. Gray is a highly modern color that allows the carefully selected images to take center stage. Blue exudes optimism and youth, and white injects vitality into the space.

Analysis of Design Elements

This custom med-spa website uses a full width screen space. We also opted for a parallax scroll over the header image, where the text and foreground appear to move three dimensionally across the image of a woman who is confident in her newly shaped body. In addition, the phone number at the top of the page is interactive with the user, as are the available selections in the traditional menu bar and service area.

Marketing Aspect

Potential patients are immediately offered an opportunity to request an appointment as soon as the home page loads. For those who are not yet ready to schedule a consultation, patient testimonials, special offers, and an extensive patient education area help attract curious visitors and convert them into new patients.

Image the Website Represents

As professional physician website designers, we know how to appeal to our clients’ patient demographic. We chose images on this website that depict youth, health, and body confidence – something most patients are searching for when choosing a medical spa. From nutrient-dense smoothies to smooth and contoured bodies, every image is a direct reflection of the services this practice seeks to provide to its patients.

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