Forest Hill Family Dental – Kitchener, ON

Forest Hill Family Dental – Kitchener, ON

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As the trusted winner of Patients’ Choice for 2016, Forest Hill Family Dental understands the importance of a great smile. Focusing on cosmetic and restorative dental procedures the improve the patient’s smile and self-confidence, Forest Hill Dental has been recognized as one of the top Kitchener Dentistry Practices. With high expectations all around them, we welcomed the challenge to create a website that would highlight the services offered by the Kitchener natives.

Design Overview

We designed a website that had lots of wide space to allow optimal user navigation. The navigation bar is spacious and easily legible (located on the top banner of each web page). Although not extremely thick in diversity, each tab is rich with information that users will find helpful. The Team tab is simple and effective in listing the educational background of the primary dentists. The home page is spacious and lays out the team’s philosophy above anything else. It also features several calls to action options as well. Utilizing square borders, we were able to display the different restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures available.

Use of Colors / Design Elements

Services Offered

To match the overarching theme of modern technology, we implemented a color scheme comprised of white and grey. When you look at the different images on the website, you will notice the neutral tones. Nothing is extremely overbearing – the layout is entirely symmetrical from top to bottom. Each navigation bar has a drop-down menu for additional information as well. When designing any website, formatting is particularly important. We ensured that we allowed open space for readers to steer and maneuver through. No one likes a cluttered page. We kept the formatting on the simple side – rich in informational volume, dense in quality. No need to show off when the results can do the talking for us.

The services tab features all the additional features the dental office has to offer. On the left of each service, there is a professional still shot picture as well. This attracts the viewer’s attention in a heartbeat. The dental tab is essentially one large FAQ page. This can be a great way to provide new patients with additional information and engage in more website exploration.

Marketing Aspect

SSL Security

Forest Hill Dental is protected against internet hackers due to their use of SSL Security. This means that any important data that patients enter on the site are encrypted before being logged in the database. In addition to security, the patient forms are also located on the site itself. This means less time waiting around in the waiting room and more time getting that perfect smile!

They also run an informational blog that can provide additional education for more-invested patients. In true modern fashion, the dentists at Forest Hill have incorporated dental animations for visual viewers as well. Each visual comes with a short description and video depicting the procedure in high definition animation.

Blog Examples

Image the Website Reflects

The image the website reflects is a clean, professional one. From the start, site visitors are welcomed inside the web pages with smiling, approachable faces. The open interface allows for easy navigation that gets the visitors the information they need, and quickly.

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