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This pediatric website design was created exclusively for Dr. Maryam Pearose in which Optimized360 has customized a design that is specifically for a Pediatric Dental Office. We have included a customized front page that has an automated image and slideshow. We have included specialty content to the website along with a website editor for Dr. Pearose. In addition, a contact form is added to ensure that there is an easy way to contact the dental office for current or future patients of Maryam M. Pearose DDS.

Maryam M. Pearose, DDS Pediatric Dentistry specialize in treating infants, children, and teens. They pride themselves on protecting children’s overall health and creating a relaxed and dental-friendly experience. Dr. Pearose has created a dental office that is dedicated  to helping make a child’s dental care as comfortable and enjoyable as possible as they maintain and restore dental health.

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