Family and Cosmetic Dentist Virginia H. Ellis DDS, Orinda CA

Family and Cosmetic Dentist Virginia H. Ellis DDS, Orinda CA

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Well versed in a full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Virginia H. Ellis and her staff make it abundantly clear that customer health and satisfaction always comes first. Located in Orinda CA, Dr. Ellis has been at the forefront of restorative and cosmetic dentistry for over 16 years. We went out of our way to create a website that would highlight Dr. Ellis’s wide array of services to the average user. We ditched all the fancy flashing lights in favor of a more traditional site layout. The site we created is the perfect balance for both the younger and older audience. The younger audience in the area can still access the needed information quickly and formidable. The older audience will have no problems navigating through the simple but professional design layout.

Overview of Design

Practice Logo and Social Media Widgets

The homepage of Dr. Elli’s website is home to all the information an incoming patient could ask for. There is a large array of information and features ranging from a contact form and short mission statement, to video and images that provide additional visuals and flare. The customized design we created for Dr. Ellis is distinctive and adds a touch of uniqueness to the site. The square borders that encompass the website hold all the different interface together nicely. When in doubt, look towards our straightforward navigation menu for all your additional patient needs!

Use of Color

To match the dentistry specialty and provide a touch of femininity, we went with a green and blue color theme that would allow optimal contrast with the wide white background. When reading information, the last thing you want to be is distracted. The green headers allow readers to pinpoint the information they need quickly. The blue is primarily used to add a hint of contrast as well as eye-catchers for an additional call to actions without coming off as too pushy or assertive.

Design Elements

Office Video

The main design element that goes into this project is spacing. On any given web page, there is plenty of information to digest. For example, the reviews tab under the navigation menu holds more than just reviews. It also offers an additional call to action through a contact form and even offers an in-house promotion as well. The new patients’ tab has a special promotion in addition to the new patient forms. With this layout, there is no space being wasted. Everything is clearly labeled and can provide visitors with what they need at a glance. The interface is distinctive yet evenly spaced out. There is no overcrowding or overly dominating features.

Marketing Aspect

This website features a smile gallery in which patients can see successful before-and-after images from Dr. Ellis herself. The bottom banner of each web page features social media links and widgets in addition to an interactive map for users. As mentioned earlier, there are promotions running throughout the website, a great marketing strategy that is not often employed by other dentists. Offer specialties and additional savings can really drive up website engagement and help establish a closer relationship between patient and doctor. Why wait until stepping in the office to fill out your patient forms? Dr. Ellis has them provided them at your own leisure as well. Not only is this a great way to save your valuable time, but this is also a great way to commit patients to actually head to the office.

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