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Fairfield General Dentistry Kingswest Dental

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Kingswest Dental came to us to get help designing a welcoming website that would inspire confidence and peace of mind in their visitors. With our expertise in designing dental websites, they knew the results would be something they could be proud of. After working with them to get some basic layout designs and concepts they wanted to see present in the final work-up of their site we produced this incredible site.

Overview Of The Design

The website needed to immediately set their visitors at ease, and give the impression of a stress-free visit to some peoples least favorite place to go. The pictures of foggy natural vistas combined with the calming blue colors ensured it was visually relaxing while the layout of the menus and sections of the website made sure it was easy to navigate.

Use Of Colors

Blue is a standard for medical website designs in part due to the calming effect it is said to have on viewers. It’s ability to contrast well with other colors, especially whites, also makes it a popular choice.
• Contrast – Throughout this site blue is the common theme, and its versatility is shown in how light blue is used to draw the eye to sections of the website with a dark blue background. Once your eye has settled on these areas, white text that’s easily readable on the dark background is used to impart more information.
Energizing – One of the subtle applications of color in this site comes from the use of a white background immediately following a darker background. After having been put into a calm state of mind by the shades of blue the white is very energizing, inspiring the viewer to action. It’s in these sections you’ll find elements like the ‘request an appointment’ button that require interaction on the viewers part.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Good dental website design doesn’t stop at the use of color, the overall layout of the site and the decision to use certain design elements over others are central to an interactive, intuitive design.
• Space – White space, or empty space, is important to the readability and accessibility of a website. Throughout the site, the contrasts between dark blue, light blue, and white are used to break up the page into sections to easily present information.
• About Us – The About Us page goes beyond just talking about the staff and team you’ll meet at the office, it also provides useful information about their payment options and what insurance plans they accept.
• Informational Footer – While contact information should be readily available at any point of the website, the use of an informational footer ensures that your site visitors will be able to reliably find it in a single place. This website’s design makes use of an informational footer for that purpose.

Kingswest Informational Footer
Marketing Aspect

• Navigation – Hamburger menus are a common element of website design that aids in Navigation by compressing an entire menu into a single button that can be expanded or closed. An easy to navigate site has been shown to be vital to driving conversion of visitors to patients.

Contact Information – Having contact information easily available has also been shown to be vital to conversion. This is due in part to the ephemeral nature of a patients decision to call, the impulse to call and make an appointment can be interrupted by the smallest of life events. By making your number always available we ensure they’ll be able to make that call the moment the inclination strikes.

The Image this Website Reflects

This website presents an engaging and welcoming design for a practice that’s all about its patients. With the balance of colors throughout the site and its ease of navigation, your patients are going to have a relaxed experience perusing your site that will set the stage for their visit to your office.

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