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Bright, fresh, and clean. These elements come together in the design of Elite Dermatology’s website. Comfortable colors and attractive images come together to dream-build for visitors, bringing hope that the results they see can be expectations of what results they’ll see. We were proud to put together this website for them, and feel that the result matches the aesthetic nature of their business entirely.

Overview Of The Design

This design begins with a semi-transparent header that produces a constant sense of revealing hidden things as you scroll through, like the beauty hidden within patients who just need a little care to see incredible results. The opening images present shining smiles mixed with beautiful nature scenes as beautiful as the people in them. Visitors look at these pictures and start to see themselves after their treatment reflected in them, happy, confident, and attractive. A clever subtext can be seen in the child with the missing tooth, a promise of imperfection being its form of beauty, placing what would otherwise seem like impossible dreams into achievable expectations.

Use Of Colors

The colors in this website create a beautiful palette when brought together, each one bringing its personality to the website. The black tones give the website a sense of professionalism and authority, providing the impression that this represents a business that engenders respect in its field. The white hues brighten up the page and represent the cleanliness you can expect at their clinic as well as the purity that will be brought to your skin by their treatments. The purple and lavender tones bring a subtle undertone of calm and holistic purity, both elements that are important to comfort and beauty.

Analysis Of Design Elements

From the elegance of the company logo to the flow of the websites imagery, every element of it comes together to bring a sort of dreamy inspiration to the viewer. This website is made of promises and dreams, a potential future where the customer gets to visit while they consider which procedures are right for them. Information is available through this website about the various practices and procedures the clinic offers, but its secondary to the purpose of creating hope of confidence, beauty, and happiness.

Marketing Aspect

Every element of this website comes together to seduce you, rather than sell to you. The phone number is in subtle lavender, the links in smoky gray, all presented among a canvas of dreamlike images and smiling faces. There is nothing bold or ‘in your face’ about it, instead of welcoming the visitor to embrace their dreams and possible futures. Contact information for arranging appointments are easily available throughout the site, but they present more as whispers than shouts, beckoning them to call.

The Image this Website Reflects

A clinic with staff dedicated to helping your most hopeful beauty dreams come to life through the application of dermatological practices. Viewing this site is like riding a cloud, and it slowly draws you in with each new scroll or click. For clinics that focus on primarily cosmetic treatments aimed at improving the beauty and boosted confidence, there are few better designs.


Elite Dermatology Designed by Optimized360

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