Drs. Fedorciw and Massoumi

Drs. Fedorciw and Massoumi

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Overview of Design

As a self-described ‘progressive’ practice, this custom dental website needed to reflect the attributes of the practice and its professionalism. It is a family practice, but it is much more than just a general dental office. Fedorciw & Massoumi also offers advanced services like cosmetic and implant dentistry. That meant creating a digital space that highlights the proficiency of these highly skilled professionals.

The front page includes an immediate brand identifier – the practice logo. We also included an immediate listing of contact information, as well as a traditional menu for easy navigation throughout the site. Along the home page, there is an obvious overtone that emphasizes the value and respect this practice has of its patients. From the assurance of punctual appointments to the availability of first-time patients forms that help the initial office experience go by faster, no person’s time or patronage is taken for granted. As an added convenience, the new patient area also links to information about what to expect during a first visit.

Use of Colors

The color scheme within this website includes black and brown with accents of gold. The darker colors give off an heir of professionalism and prestige, giving potential patients the impression that they are putting their oral health in the care of a trustworthy team. Gold – a precious metal – represents achievement and victory.  It also represents opulence and luxury. The idea behind this accent color was making the practice seem more elegant, ensuring patients they will be made comfortable, and giving hope of achieving the glamorous smile each site visitor has always dreamed of.

Analysis of Design Elements

This dentist web design was created with a full screen width layout that takes advantage of all available space on a viewer’s screen. We also included a few interactive features, including a built-in button that allows for immediate scrolling back to the top of the page. One last subtle effect was added to front page image of the dentists, which seems to suddenly appear and move into place as the viewer scrolls down the page. This grabs the attention of site visitors and encourages them to stop and read the dialogue occurring next to that photo.

Marketing Aspect

One of the most powerful forms of organic marketing is word of mouth. We brought that feature directly to the website, putting the spotlight on glowing reviews left by real practice patients. To add credibility to the reviews, we included a name and picture of each reviewer. Another powerful marketing feature within this custom dental web design is the very personal and somewhat casual video address to new visitors that comes directly from the dentists themselves. Finally, the inclusion of an appointment request form and links to the practice social media accounts round out the marketing aspect of the site nicely.

Image the Website Represents

Websites designed for general dentistry are often highly visual and adorned with the images of smiling faces. While there is a smile gallery and some of this type of imagery, the pictures and videos featured on this website are much more in tune with the practice itself – not results. The first image on the site is given from the perspective of someone walking into the practice office near the front desk. In fact, it is nearly impossible for a visitor to explore the site without having seen the staff photo, dentists’ pictures, biographies, and perhaps viewing their welcome video, too.

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