Cosmetic Medicine (Pottstown Bariatrics Specialist) – Pottstown, PA

Cosmetic Medicine (Pottstown Bariatrics Specialist) – Pottstown, PA

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Dr. Yuan works in a field that deals with weight loss and cosmetic surgery. This means that his clients are dealing with issues with body-perception. We knew our responsibility when it came to designing Dr. Yuan’s website. We made sure that the entire website was reassuring and comforting while maintaining ease of navigation and professionalism.

Overview of the Design

We designed a website that had lots of wide space to allow optimal user navigation. The navigation bar is spacious and easily legible (located on the top banner of each web page). Although not extremely thick in diversity, each tab is rich with information that users will find helpful. The About us tab is simple and effective in listing the experience of Dr. Yuan. The home page is spacious and lays out the team’s philosophy and education above anything else. It also features several calls to action options as well.

Use of Colors

We used a natural-toned color theme throughout the website. Since we implemented imagery and visuals throughout the site, we did not want the color theme to overpower the other aspects of the website. We primarily stuck to small hints of blue and grey help complement the specialty. Both colors blend well together and go along with the square borders we applied throughout the site. When combined together, both colors and borders create a one-of-a-kind design for Dr. Yuan’s website.

When dealing with weight loss and cosmetic surgery, you always want to be gentle and confiding. The blue hue gives a sense of hope and ties in well with the specialty at hand. Grey is a neutral tone that helps add professionalism and credibility.

Analysis of Design Elements

From the topography of the website to the professional color scheme, everything about this site’s design is intended to gently encourage the visitor to make an appointment and start feeling better about themselves. Actions speak louder than words and that is what Dr. Yuan’s website represents. The website is kept simple and easily accessible to the visitors for smooth navigation.  No extra pop-ups are used on the website to avoid clutter – hence giving the website a fresh and professional. All the necessary information can be accessed from the home page itself.


Marketing Aspect

Images are a great way to capture a reader’s attention. We made sure to use images that reflected the specialty at hand. Incoming visitors are greeted with smiling, joyful faces that can calm any sort of anxiety they may have. The different services offered by Dr. Yuan are also highlighted on our drop-down menu. Each service has its own dedicated web page that breaks the procedure down in finer detail. Weight loss and cosmetic surgery is no joke. Being thorough with your explanations and imagery can turn a skeptical patient into a satisfied, lifelong patient if done correctly!

Image the Website Reflects

When dealing with body-perception issues, it is best to avoid all the glitz and glam, as seen on our website design. The website gives the overall perception that Dr. Yuan is informational, experienced, and ready to treat patients in need. The traditional website format is simple but rich in information that readers will find digestible and educational.

Dr. Yuan Medical Weight Loss & Cosmetic Medicine Bariatrics Website Designed by Optimized360

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