Dr. Michael Lim – Milford, CT

Dr. Michael Lim – Milford, CT

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When you have a specific niche such as Dr. Micheal Lim, you have more marketing and website options. As an orthopedic surgeon specializing in total joint replacements, Dr. Lim and his team are dedicated to making their patient’s surgical experience as stress and pain-free as possible. There is a reason why Dr. Lim’s office is constantly ranked in the top 1% in patient experience nationwide.

Design Overview

For this unique design, we create a website that would utilize marginal white space on the sides. The home page holds Dr. Lim’s mission statement, navigation menu, and additional services. On the top half of the home page, there are images that have a slight hovering effect. These images help catch the eyes of the visitors and encourage additional site engagement. The idea behind the website layout was to make the design modern, but yet easy to navigate. We held back on the special effects in favor of simple but effective images with calls to action.

Elements of Design


Throughout the website, the spacing is expertly managed. The background helps establish borders and frames as needed. The images on the website are all reflections of the team’s work ethic and professionalism. No matter where you go on the website, the navigation bar is available. Navigating throughout the website is simple – you are no more than a couple of clicks away from getting anywhere you want to be.

The articles tab, in particular, is home to a variety of different informationals and blogs that help educate and answer frequently asked questions. There are also several patient information videos for visual learners as well.  The testimonial tab brings you to a new page that highlights all the verifiable reviews Dr. Lim has under his belt.

Use of Imagery

For this Connecticut based practice, we went with pictures that would reflect the office’s mission statement. The entire website emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s health. pictures of athletes and joint diagrams comprise a majority of the site. All the images are consistent with the types of services offered by this orthopedic office.

Services Offered

Marketing Aspect

True to the simplistic nature of the website, the marketing aspect is straightforward. The contact tab allows patients a chance to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lim. This contact option is always available to patients no matter what web page they are on. It will always be conveniently located on the top banner near the logo. Dr. Lim takes no chances with his patient’s valuable information. As a matter of fact, he has incorporated SSL Security on his website. This means that all patient data is encrypted before being sent to a database. Hackers will have no chance of causing any harm when it comes to Dr. Lim’s website!

SSL Security

Image the Website Reflects

Dr. Liam’s orthopedic website reflects a warm and caring practice that is dedicated to the health and well-being of its patients.  From the imagery used to the information provided about its services, it paints an image of a patient-education based facility that has caring and attentive medical professionals that will be your partners in battling any orthopedic issues you are dealing with!


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