Dr. Joseph Nemeth Periodontics

Dr. Joseph Nemeth Periodontics

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Overview of the Design

In creating the website for Joseph R. Nemeth, D.D.S. & Associates, we did not want to clutter the site with unnecessary features. The home page is succinct and to-the-point. Visitors get an immediate glance at the team in action, with the opportunity view practice services or schedule an appointment right away. The remainder of the home page is dedicated to video testimonials and education about the types of results real patients have received and what a new patient can expect from this practice. There is also an integrated scheduling request form for those ready to make an appointment.

The remainder of the website is more traditional, with an emphasis on Dr. Nemeth’s qualifications, the office environment, and the advanced services and technology offered at the practice. We also integrated a practice blog, a frequently asked questions page, and information about specific symptoms (like halitosis) that might warrant a visit to the periodontist.

Use of Colors

When creating a web design for a periodontist, it is important to consider the colors that will be used throughout the site. Color uniformity can be seen throughout this web design with varying shades of steel blue, grey, and beige. The blue and grey colors give a sense of professionalism. It may also help site visitors draw the conclusion that the practice is very clean and uses advanced technology. The inclusion of beige helps provide familiarity and warmth – something that is important when a visitor makes the decision to schedule a first-time appointment.

Analysis of Design Elements

Upon reaching the home page, visitors first notice the full screen width images of Dr. Nemeth and his team at work. The navigation bar is translucent and moves down the page as the viewer scrolls. This creates a 3-D effect that makes the background appear independent from the text. We also included links to social media accounts within the menu, as well as a phone number to call for appointments. We also included a vast library of video and content-based patient education to help visitors better understand the types of services Dr. Nemeth provides and the types of conditions he treats.

Marketing Aspect

The element of surprise always captures the attention of viewers and helps them remember one practice above another. In working to develop Dr. Nemeth’s periodontic web design, we decided to make the patient testimonial section – an area that is often subdued on many dental websites – a spotlighted feature on the home page. These aren’t just written testimonials, however. Instead, they are very personal video interviews with real-life patients. The inclusion of these videos gives the practice a more trustworthy image and helps potential patients feel more comfortable scheduling a first-time appointment.

Image the Website Reflects

The periodontist’s work is the star of the show on Dr. Nemeth’s home page. The first image visitors are greeted with cuts right to the chase with Dr. Nemeth doing what he does best. This is followed up with images of adults smiling with natural-looking teeth – something important when patients are looking for the website of a dentist who specializes is cosmetic work or dental implants.

Periodontic Website Designed by Optimized360

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