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Overview of the Design

The Disc and Spine Center is a highly specialized practice that works in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of spinal injuries and disorders. We designed this custom medical website with the intention of highlighting the doctors’ experience and supporting the practice’s reputation for professionalism. This design is unique, with a home page layout that includes a left side bar. This allows the practice to spotlight the physicians, as well as some important office information.

The rest of the home page contains minimal content. Visitors are given the opportunity to navigate to various areas of the website based on a picture-based menu with selections for each of the conditions the practice treats. There is also a traditional menu bar at the top of the page, which navigates to various pages throughout the site, including additional information about the doctors.

Use of Colors

The color scheme for this website is primarily white and gray with accents of light blue and green. Overall, we felt this provided a neutral background that will not distract the viewer from the extensive amount of education and information provided on this website.

Analysis of Design Elements

Special effects and enhanced design elements were not a good fit for the long-term vision of this website. However, we did implement some unique features that help set this custom medical web design apart from those of competitors. The most obvious modification was the use of multiple menus – specifically the one located to the left side of the home page. This menu includes office information, whereas the mid screen image-based menu provides a unique way to explore the various conditions treated at the practice.

Marketing Aspect

The first thing that many viewers will notice on this orthopedic website is the call to action at the top of the home page. This section immediately invites visitors to schedule an appointment or connect with the practice via social media. We also implemented an appointment request form on the contact page within the website. Perhaps the most prominent medical marketing technique we used on this website is the use of advertorial information on the home page. Rather than clutter the page with excessive content, we opted to highlight press releases and local televised interview segments with the doctor himself.

Image the Website Represents

Overall, this website is less about frills and extras, and more about providing relevant information to potential patients and referring physicians. It is formal, reserved, and very professional – an image that reflects the practice itself.

Orthopedic Website Designed by Optimized360

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