Dental Practices of Dr. Ayman Samra – Waterloo, ONA

Dental Practices of Dr. Ayman Samra – Waterloo, ONA

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Dr. Ayman Samra specializes in a multitude of dental procedures. From root canals and dentures to dental implants and oral surgery, her website was made to be a direct representation of her hard work and diligence to the dentistry world.

Overview of Design

To reflect the wide array of services offered, we went ahead and designed a website that was both modern and innovative. We used open spacing to allow readers ample space to engage and read the content available. The site’s navigation menu is also home to several key features of the site – including the likes of testimonials, educational patient videos, and a before and after photo gallery.

Article Examples

Use of Color

We went with a simple color theme to complement the specialty in mind. We incorporated a mix of dark colors such as grey and black over a wide, white background to help the images on the screen pop. Visuals are key to engaging incoming traffic. White also helps add credibility and professionalism as well. We kept to a neutral color theme to ensure that it would not draw the visitor’s attention from all the informational material on the website. 

Design Elements

We provided multiple nature, and professional themed photos throughout the website to compliment her services. We pinned her services to the front of the homepage as well to help add interest and action for viewers. Scaled perfectly behind the images and background, the text is legible and appropriate.

Images are a great way to capture a reader’s attention. We made sure to use images that reflected the specialty at hand. Incoming visitors are greeted with smiling, joyful faces that can calm any sort of anxiety they may have. Under the about us tab on the navigation menu, you will also find actual images of Dr. Samra and his team.

Marketing Aspects

Dental Clinic Contact Information

Modernized with a clear navigation menu featuring her services, we created optimal site functionality by creating a website that was not too complicated for the older audience, but still modern and professional for the younger audience. The site is designed and built with a hamburger menu in addition to the traditional navigation bar to allow optimal mobile use without compromising the text or images. Dr. Samra’s office hours and contact information are also conveniently located on both the banner of the website and down at the very end as well!

Image the Website Represents

Smile Gallery

The smile gallery is also a great testament to the work done by the Canadian natives. The smile gallery features multiple successful before-and-after procedure images. Seeing is believing! Establishing a sense of security with your patients is key! From the selection of images and elements of design to the color theme, everything on the website reflects the calculating work ethic and professionalism that Dr. Samra’s team operates under.

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