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Building a custom website for multiple dental offices takes a special type of skill. Our design team put together a concept that highlights the overall philosophy of the practice and brings multiple locations together with the same general theme. It also attempts to draw the community together through centralized social media account links located on the home page.

Overview of the Design

navigation menu

A traditional navigational bar offers a surprise when tabs are selected, and the scrolling images on the home screen keep the viewer engaged. Overall, we limited the amount of actual information on the home page to a short welcome, instead of leaving users to determine which links they wish to follow to learn more. For some, that might mean learning about the practice. For others, it means learning about some of the services spotlighted on the home page.

Use of Colors

company logo with blue theme

Blue and beige are calming colors that are complementary to the use of water themes throughout the site. Typically, blue is a representation of safety and ease, as well as cleanliness. Light beige, on the other hand, is more neutral and tends to compliment the features of the other colors it is paired with. Here, beige appears to bring warmth and depth to the site, helping to balance out the cool hues of blue.

Analysis of Design Elements

The elements of this custom dental web design are subtle, but altogether they create a personalized space that is uniquely individualized to this practice. Water is a major theme on this website, which indicates a value for hygiene and preventive care at this dental practice. We also utilize some special effects, with the appearance of a point of light that slowly highlights the primary service of the practice – complete health dentistry. For site visitors who speak languages other than English, we also implemented a translation button at the top of the site.

Marketing Aspect

This website has many different integrated marketing features, the most prominent of which are an appointment request button and form located throughout the website. We also highlighted the promotions section, which can be used to attract new patients and invite existing ones to return. Other major selling points for this practice were the videos and patient reviews, as well as the smile gallery depicting the smiles of real patients. Combined with organic, SEO-friendly content, this website is fiercely designed to attract new Southern California visitors and convert them to patients.

SEO blog example

Image the Website Represents

Images on website showing happy patients

Being in Southern California and covering a broad coastal region, we felt it was important to let water and the beach take a background role in this website. Likewise, we chose to exhibit images of smiling individuals – some enjoying the sun and surf – who seem to be more than satisfied with the care they received from Dental American Group. This helps the practice appear more trustworthy than a location that uses generic images that are not geographically relevant instead.

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