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Gallery Dental

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This website is an accomplishment of excellent design and a blending of incredible elements. The landing page welcomes you with an image of two great smiles and a reassurance that there are options available for people from every income level. Gallery Dental is a down-to-earth clinic that believes reliability and accountability are king and never loses sight of the fact that their clients are their neighbors. Their slogan makes it clear that they know that every smile is as individual as a painting “Gallery Dental.. Where every smile is a work of art.”

Overview Of The Design

The design of this website focuses on their ‘work of art’ slogan, and the influences can be felt in every element of its design. From the framed tooth logo to the design features that are reminiscent of a framed painting, it fully embraces the idea that started it all. Execution is everything when it comes to an idea, and this website executes its concept gracefully while presenting a sense of a welcoming family clinic to the visitor.

Use Of Colors

Golds and greens are prevalent throughout this website’s design, subtly transmitting ideas of consistency and reliability (in the tans/golds), while the green invites sensations of growth, harmony, and success. This color scheme is strewn throughout the website to reinforce a positive feeling and hope for the future in the visitor. Overall the color scheme was blended together with an expert hand and we couldn’t be more satisfied with how it all turned out.

Analysis Of Design Elements

The foundation of the design were two key elements, a welcoming family environment and the concept of ‘art’, specifically framed art throughout. When a visitor first arrives they are presented with a framed presentation of the company, its phone number, and its access points, but elegantly handled so it all feels like part of a cohesive design. Below all of their demonstration photos, including the tour of the office, are presented in something reminiscent of that same frame. Overall this concept was carried through very well and has made this website live up to the ‘work of art’ concept presented by their slogan.

Marketing Aspect

A series of pages come together to create a comprehensive marketing design that shows the connection between dentistry and location. Opportunities for new patients are also clearly displayed, from the “no insurance, no problem” statement to the cost of a new patients exam and treatment. There’s an encouragement to join their mailing list in the form of a 10% discount off their next visit, as well as a push to sign up with their social media channels and even report your experience on Yelp.

The Image this Website Reflects

A family and community organization that is focused on making you look your best while retaining your individuality. This level of care indicates a desire to get to know their patients and work with them throughout their lifetimes rather than see them get in and out and another dollar in the pocket. A caring provider from a comfortable clinic can be found here.


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