Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive Dentistry

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Overview of the Design

The Comprehensive Dentistry practice emphasizes service and patient care more than anything else. Our job was to let the philosophy and core values of this practice shine through the custom website we designed on their behalf. Instead of burying reviews deep within the site, we let them shine right alongside the home page images. We also featured special customer appreciation services offered by the practice, such as rewards for referring new patients.

A dedicated new patient section offers a tour of the office, financial information, and an explanation of what to expect on the first visit. At the dentist’s request, we also included an entire, comprehensive section dedicated solely to promoting Invisalign, which is one of the major services offered by the practice.

Use of Colors

Red is the predominant color used on this website, complimented by splashes of yellow. The deep shades of burgundy give a sense of importance to the practice and the impression that the staff and dentists who work there are highly qualified in their field. Yellow, on the other hand, brings warmth, happiness and cheerfulness to the site, which may be perceived as more welcoming overall.

Analysis of Design Elements

This full-screen width dental web design was created to be a highly visual representation of a modern website. Scrolling images of happy patients, smiling dentists, and local landmarks make the practice seem more down to Earth. A personal welcome video from Dr. Bullard offers a nice introduction to the practice, and text that responds to the behavior of the site user adds a more custom touch.

Marketing Aspect

It isn’t often that we build a custom website for dentists who want to lead off with their reviews. However, this practice has multiple 5-star ratings that are enthusiastic about the royal treatment they receive at this office, which are a strong selling point for first time page visitors. To sweeten the deal, the dentists at Comprehensive Dentistry opted to advertise a free consultation on the home page, which encourages those looking for a new dental care provider to schedule an appointment right away.

Image the Website Represents

The images on this website do much of the talking. The scrolling pictures on top of the home page begin with portraits of each of the three dentists that lead the staff of Comprehensive Dentistry. There is also a picture of a well-known area landmark – the Ypsilanti water tower and adjacent bust of Demetrios Ypsilantis, for whom the town is named. By using personal and geographically relevant images, this custom dental website helps the practice better identify with local patients as a trusted, hometown dental office.

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