Compassionate Family Medicine

Compassionate Family Medicine

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Overview of the Practice

Compassionate Family Care is healthcare for all, without discrimination. Everyone is welcome at this practice with open arms, and we wanted to build a custom primary care and internal medicine website that reflects the friendliness and inclusivity of this staff of healthcare professionals. Built with a traditional style, this site clearly displays the convenience of three office locations available to Syracuse area patients, as well as the fact that all insurances are accepted at the practice.

We put less emphasis on special effects and more on articulation. The job of the home page is to offer a sense of ease, as well as clearly defining the practice mission statement and introducing potential patients to Dr. Triana and his team.

Use of Colors

Red, white and gray were the colors chosen to compliment this custom family medicine web design. The red – more of a deep burgundy – is the primary accent color, and it boldly calls attention to the practice name, the navigation menu, and the most important subtitles throughout the site. Red has long been associated with energy, ambition, and the body’s physical needs. We offset the strength of this color with more non-descript and muted shades of gray and white. This brings balance to the

Analysis of Design Elements

This web design features simplistic elements that are created to make the user experience as easy and straightforward as possible. We kept traditional web margins through much of the site, but we used a full screen width layout to create a bold opening header. We also opted for blocked text that provides a sense of organization rather than fluidity. Patients appreciate the extensive education available on the site, including information about services provided by the practice, what urgent care really is, and what to expect during a first-time visit.

Marketing Aspect

We put reviews right on the front page of the website. A dedicated space scrolls through the glowing comments of several patients, drawing attention to the text and making it stand out to the reader. For those who wish to let others know about the positive experiences they have had at Compassionate Family Care, a reviews page on the site accepts viewer submissions. We also market the practice’s social media accounts, with links to those pages prominently displayed atop the homepage of this custom doctor’s website. Finally, visitors are encouraged to schedule a first time appointment, with built-in appointment request forms integrated directly into the website.

Image the Website Represents

This primary care practice web design is intentionally less visual than many of the sites we produce. However, there are still several photos that are used to compliment site features rather than become the focus of attention themselves. For example, we used images of families, couples and children when linking to sections of the website having to do with general medicine, family planning, and pediatrics. Additional subtle background imagery was included, depicting the beautiful architecture of the local Syracuse, New York area – something the locals are very proud of. These small touches help practices like Compassionate Family Care seem more like a hometown doctor’s office than a small, unknown practice.

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