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Overview of the Design

Coastal Family Dental is the embodiment of everything a patient might want in a general dental office, from the friendly faces to the high level of care. This website was created to reflect the practice’s mission to deliver excellence in all aspects of care, as well as superior results that meet and exceed the patient’s expectations. The brief home page includes large header images, a traditional navigation bar, and a spotlight on specific services and the dentist himself.

Moving throughout the website, there is an extensive listing of patient education articles meant to inform visitors about the various services offered and the types of conditions treated at the practice. A smile gallery gives a glimpse into the types of results that may be possible with treatment, and the contact page makes it easy to schedule an appointment right away.

Use of Colors

Coastal Family Dental is a practice that has long been established along the southern California coast. Given its location and name, we utilized shades of blue and orange within the site, which correspond directly to the logo. Orange mimics the appearance of a bright sunrise or sunset, and blue takes on the fluidity and flexibility of the ocean.

Analysis of Design Elements

We included subtle features on this custom dental website that give it a traditional appearance with a unique twist. On the home page, text moves into place after the rest of the page has already loaded, helping to draw the eye to the most important features on the site. Those with questions or those who wish to make an appointment are directed to the interactive phone link at the top of the site or the contact page, which includes an integrated appointment request form. By having this form on the site itself, the office eliminates an actionable step in scheduling a consultation and encourages site visitors to convert to new patients with little more than the click of a mouse.

Marketing Aspect

Testimonials are an important part of attracting new patients to a practice. Not only do we highlight the compliments that patients have given to Coastal Family Dental, but we also provide existing patients with an opportunity to leave a publishable review directly with the dental office. This provides the office with immediate and direct feedback, as well as the ability to filter which reviews are displayed to the general public. We also include a dedicated new patient area complete with registration forms to help cut down on in-office wait time. In addition, the office can update any promotions in this area of the site as they become available.

Image the Website Represents

This website is designed to reflect a lighthearted image. Since Coastal Family Dentistry is a practice centered on family care, we included pictures that depict smiling faces – many of them children. We also chose images of real smiles in their before and post-treatment state. This allows potential patients an opportunity to see how different types of treatments might improve the health and appearance of their smiles.

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