Clinton TW Neurology Manouchehr Nikpour Neurology

Clinton TW Neurology Manouchehr Nikpour Neurology

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When Dr. Nikpour contacted us to build a website for his neurology practice, he made it clear he wanted a clean and open site without unnecessary frills. Focusing on his practice and the services he provided was a key interest of his, and we worked hard to produce a simply designed website that is striking and conveys authority. The end result is this light-weight website that is both informative and beautiful.

Overview Of The Design

Sometimes sticking to the basics is the best path to a great website that will serve your patients needs. This is a great example of such a webpage, one that uses the perfect balancing of traditional medical site colors and a straight-forward presentation of information to get results. From the striking hero image to the closing header with its map, social media links, and address, this website is the model of efficient design.

Contact Information and Social Media Widgets

Use Of Colors

The most common colors used in our medical website designs are soothing blues, clinical whites, and action-oriented reds. In this site, we found a way to balance these colors in a new way that resulted in a clear presentation of information and the services that Dr. Nikpour provides.
• Contrast – The presence of dark blues in website design conveys a sense of professionalism and reliability, things patients looking for providers specializing in Neurological care to possess. Combined with the authoritative presence of white and the strong motivational nature of red, this sites colors contrast and compliment each other in a way that instills confidence and drives action.
• Action Oriented – Red is a color that inspires action but also can be used to represent pain, a combination that is used to its best effect in Dr. Nikpour’s website. Patients can immediately identify with the back pain experienced in the hero image and are drawn to explore the site looking for relief. The vital links throughout the site are highlighted in red to draw the eye, including the hamburger menu that speeds navigation.

Analysis Of Design Elements

In every website, there are specific design elements that drive its construction. In this site, those elements included effective use of space, ease of navigation, and a boxy design that lends itself to presenting a snippet of information while laying the path to greater understanding about the subject at hand.
• Space – Everything about this site is open and clean, and is one of the most minimalist designs we have in our portfolio. While the overall content on the homepage is very limited, it serves to convey information and drive action in a way that a more cumbersome design might not.
• Navigation – With such an open design navigation is a breeze, starting with the all-important hamburger menu located at the top of the screen. The boxed-in links to further information within the website lay a clear path for inquisitive viewers to follow.

Navigation Boxes

• Informational Footer – Everything you could need to make contact with the client is located at the bottom of the screen, inviting you to visit the location and connect with them through social media now that you know what you need to know about their services.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing is vital in every website, but even more so when working with a light-weight site like Dr. Nikpour’s. With such a spartan design it’s important to provide conversion points at every available point and to ensure that the site itself encourages conversion.

  • Hamburger Menu – The hamburger menu being prominently displayed at the top of the screen ensures that the inquisitive patient has immediate access to all the information they could want about the provider. A key element in driving conversion.

  • Contact Information – The ease of access provided for contact information is also essential in a site intended to convert quickly. Once a decision to make contact has been made the patient needs to do so immediately before the compulsion fades.

The Image this Website Reflects

This website reflects a direct and to the point provider who is interested in getting on to the business of caring for his patient’s needs and restoring their quality of life. Such a minimalist design gives us a peek into the mindset of the practice it represents. Efficient and streamlined without losing a sense of being personable, this design is perfect for those who believe less is more, and for those concerned with servicing a clientele with limited high-speed internet options.

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