Clifton Park General Dentistry Morrison Dental Care

Clifton Park General Dentistry Morrison Dental Care

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Morrison Dental Care is a premier example of the kind of excellence clients can expect from Optimized 360’s design staff. When we took this contract we set out to create a bright and vibrant design that would engage the visitor and fill them with a sense of warmth and well-being that would quickly help convert them to loyal patients. The welcoming impression given by the site is the result of skilled design and an understanding of what makes a professional and friendly website.

Overview Of The Design

The first thing we took to mind while building the Morrison Dental Care website was the proprietor’s desire to have their website be as welcoming as their home office is designed to be. It started with a bright and energizing set of colors that would help lift the spirits and soothe the mind of its visitors. From there we focused on efficiency and ease of navigation. From the first choice of color to the final detail Morrison Dental Care is an excellent example of how a website can feel like being welcomed home.

Use Of Colors

When used in medical website design orange provides a sense of warmth that lifts the spirits and energizes the visitor. The cool blue tones used throughout are a favorite for dental websites due to its soothing nature and the tendency of some patients to be nervous about their dental care. These two colors form a recurring theme throughout the Morrison Dental Care design.
• Contrast – Orange and blue happen to contrast well with each other and serve as an excellent backdrop for the white text used in the buttons and menu throughout the site. Contrast helps a site to pop and can enhance readability for your visitors.

Navigation Buttons
• Action Oriented – Orange is a motivational color, which is why it is featured in those buttons on the site that call the visitor to action. You can see an example of its use as soon as you reach the homepage, and its also featured below.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Website design is about more than just a concept and colors, it also has to incorporate certain standards of design. These standards have come to exist thanks to millions of website serving billions of customers all over the world, and the results that have been recorded from their interactions.
• Space – White space, or areas of the site not containing images, text, or any other elements, can help gracefully frame important parts of your site. Too much white space and the page seems empty, too little and everything feels cramped and hurried. Morrison Dental Website presents with excellent use of white space and an ease of exploration that helps customers feel at ease.

• Navigation – The navigation element of the site starts with the menu located at the top of the page, but it doesn’t end there. Throughout the site the skillful application of images and text in attractive arrangements helps to draw attention to navigation points that allow the reader to find information quickly.

Image Navigation Links
• About Us – Forming relationships with their patients was one of the primary practice culture points presented by Morrison Dental Care. The About Us page contains several areas for learning about the office and its staff, and the “Meet the Doctors” button featured in the above image holds a prominent place on the homepage.
• Contact Information – Contact information is easy to find on the site, with the phone number and social media elements being featured at the top of the homepage, as well as on their Contact Us being found prominently on the menu. As is traditional in website design you can also find their information in the footer.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing is the art of helping your customers find you so that you can provide them with your services. Even medical websites need to focus on their marketing angle or their site will just be one more unvisited locale on the internet, leaving your potential patients to find other providers.

Prominent Contact Opportunities – As mentioned above the prominent placement of contact information is evident in this site’s design. This is essential to helping drive conversion, a term that means when a visitor becomes a new patient, as the whim to call a potential provider can be brief in duration. With the Morrison Dental Care’s design you’ll see abundant contact information opportunities that mean your visitors won’t have to look long to find a way to contact you.

Testimonials – Testimonials, like their off-web cousin word of mouth, are one of the best ways to drive new business to your office. By collecting positive reviews from your patient base you can bulk out your review section and let new visitors see what your loyal patients have to say about the services you provide.

Video – Just as video killed the radio star, video on websites is taking a prominently place over traditional imagery. While static images aren’t going to go away the current trend is towards the use of video in your websites, no surprise given that they also play a role in driving conversion. Videos, especially those featuring you and your staff, help to start building rapport in a way that simple text or use of images just can’t match.

Video Image Links

The Image this Website Reflects

This website represents a warm and friendly practice that is eager to help its patients with their most important dental health needs. The overall design makes it easily accessible while the depth of patient education options ensures that your visitors will understand that your relationship is seen as a partnering between the patient and professional.

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