Children’s International Medical Group

Children’s International Medical Group

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The Children’s Internal Medical Group is all about Making a Difference in Your Child’s Life. Being the largest privately owned pediatric group in Louisiana, we made sure to build a custom website design that would celebrate and highlight the different services the Louisiana Natives had to offer.

Overview of Design

To match their motto of making a difference, we went with a professional, modernized website design. When first-time web visitors enter the website, they will immediately be captured by the vivid imagery that radiates over the top of the home page. Not only does this create a beautiful aesthetic, but also helps readers zone in on the different services and procedures offered at the dentistry.

We designed the website with a full-width layout to help capture all the services that the Children’s Internal Medical Group had to offer. As you continue down the home page, you will find the medical group’s mission statement as well as a chance to catch up on the latest news or additions to the team. Near the bottom of the home page, we have displayed the different services offered along with a service button to help find the closest clinic in the area!

Use of Color

To complement the specialty at hand, we used a blend of blue and green to help give off a nurturing vibe. Blue and green share the ability to contrast well with each other; neither overpower the imagery used on the website. Green is primarily used to catch the reader’s attention to important features and contact information on the site. Blue is used as the general background color for featured texts.

Design Elements

When incorporating multiple elements of design in any website, you want to make sure that everything flows together. We made sure spacing was expertly managed throughout the site by using white space to establish image areas and frame text. Navigation is spacious. No matter which web page you are on, the navigation menu is always available features a drop-down element to help sort additional information accordingly.

The patient resources tab is home to a plethora of useful patient information. The services tab breaks down the additional services offered. When you click on any of the services in particular, you are redirected to a new web page that breaks down the service in finer detail as well as answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

We use square borders to help keep visuals and text appropriately balanced, as seen on the locations tab. The information on every web page is complete and extensive while still being easily digestible. The wide background provides an optimal reading environment for incoming patients. Most action-oriented buttons also feature a slight popping effect. The little details matter too!

Images the Website Represents

All the images and visuals are family-oriented and represent the hospitality of the Children’s International Medical Group. The bright colors and smiling faces make for a great first impression for incoming visitors.  For the Louisiana natives, making a difference in patient care is all about providing a nurturing environment. We made sure that the images on the website reflected that.

Marketing Aspect

When you combine all the imagery and visuals with the rich amount of informational volume on the site, you have the blueprint to successful website design.

If you ever want to find the closest clinic to you, look no further than our navigation menu or the bottom banner of each web page. We equipped the bottom of each web page with a link to book an appointment or access the patient portal for previous patients. Links to the medical groups’ social media is conveniently located just below these links.

Under the patient resources tab, patients may download several forms before heading towards an appointment. Not only is this a great way to commit patients to an appointment, but to also spend less time in a waiting room and more time spent on the stuff that truly matters.

Last but not least, Children’s International Medical Group understands that security is an evergrowing issue. They have taken the necessary steps to ensure that all their patients’ information is protected with SSL Security. SSL Security encrypts important information such as credit card numbers and home addresses before they are sent off to the actual database. This means that hackers will have no chance with this particular website!

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