Chad Kasperowski, D.M.D.

Chad Kasperowski, D.M.D.

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With a commitment to quality comprehensive family dental care, Dr. Chad Kasperowski, and Dr. Pooja Kasperowski use cutting-edge services and technology to set them apart from the competition. We created a custom website design that would highlight these distinctions that place them head and shoulders above the rest.

Design Overview

Unlike most dental websites, our website uses a drop-down hamburger menu instead of the traditional navigation menu. We also went with a full-width layout instead of the traditional site layout with white marginal space. Not only does this allow us to shine more light on the services offered, but it also gives a first impression that is memorable and modern.

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Use of Color

The white background allows for the blue to truly pop out at the users. When set amidst a wave of white, blue jumps out at the viewer without being too assertive or flashy. It is primarily used to highlight calls to action. When combined together, blue and white make for a dynamic team. Blue is also a clear representation of the dental industry – it is a great way to tie in color and imagery as well. The color theme is optimistic and hopeful, giving the impression that the dental team is approachable and friendly.


Images are a great way to allow patients to get a sense of who will be taking care of them before even stepping through the office doors. We provided images of the doctors along with their staff on the front page – just as if they were welcoming you into their office with open arms. The friendly faces and smiles give the impression of warmth and professionalism throughout the site.

Elements of Design

We made sure all the spacing was expertly managed throughout the site. We implemented square borders throughout the site to ensure perfect harmony between text and imagery. We also providing gloss and popping effects to the services and testimonials on the home page to add another layer of modernism.

The smile gallery is expertly managed and sectioned accordingly to allow patients to view certain before-and-after images of procedures they are interested in. We also provided a widget on the top-right of each web page that allows patients to set up an appointment with little to no effort on their end.

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Marketing Aspect

Overall. the website’s color theme in addition to the extremely simplistic display is great for both the young and old audience. Everything is accessible and easy to find along the white and blue color-way. This helps to minimize traffic buffering and unnecessary loading times as the website is direct and to the point – patients are the number one priority.

The website is also protected against internet hackers due to their use of SSL Security. This means that any important data that patients enter on the site are encrypted before being logged in the database. Hackers will have no chance of accessing any patient’s valued information with this website!

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