Center for Adult Medicine & Preventive Care

Center for Adult Medicine & Preventive Care

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The Center for Adult Medicine and Preventive Care place patient care as their number one priority at all times. Located in New Jersey, Dr. Carlos Tejeda is an expert in preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases from adults of all ages. His up-to-date medical knowledge and clinical skills offer patients the best alternatives and patient plans. Optimal health is all about the partnership between patient and doctor. We made sure to manifest his words through our website design.

Design Overview

To match their mission, we went with a modernized website design. When first-time web visitors enter the website, they will immediately be captured by the alternating image gallery that radiates over the home page. Not only does this create a beautiful aesthetic, but also helps readers zone in on the different services and procedures offered at the dentistry.

Heading down the home page, there is a short but simple mission statement and an appointment-maker.  The home page is all about using crisp, modern images that help convey a sense of helpfulness and optimism. The navigation menu features drop down elements to ensure that visitors find their intended information as quickly as possible.

Use of Color

We went with a simple blue and white color theme when designing the website. Since we were working with medicine and preventive care, we wanted to evoke a sense of hope. The white background allows for the blue to truly pop out at the users as well. When setting amidst a wave of white, blue jumps out at the viewer without being too assertive or flashy. It is primarily used to highlight calls to action. When combined together, blue and white make for a dynamic team.

Design Elements

We implemented square borders around the website to ensure that space was expertly managed. The navigation menu is clean and spacious. Nothing is overbearing or overly present.Many of the pictures are from the actual office itself. This allows the incoming patients a preview of the doctors they will be confiding in. The patient-doctor relationship is crucial in maintaining trust. We made sure that the images on the website reflected the professional manner that the doctors operated under.The services page is home to a plethora of information. Here, readers can learn more about the different procedures offered. When you click on any of the procedures specifically, you are redirected to another page that answers frequently asked questions.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing your website is essential to the success and growth of your profession. When you properly market to your audience, the possibilities to grow are endless! The articles tab is essentially the practitioner’s blog page. This is a great way to provide additional education and information over your audience. Blogging also helps back up your experience and knowledge of the industry.

Featuring testimonials on your website is another great way to show consistency and dedication to your craft. We made sure to highlight this on the website. Patient accessibility is crucial to maintaining any professional relationship. Dr. Tejeda has provided a patient portal on the website for returning patients. For Spanish speakers, there is even a widget to help make the website Spanish-friendly.

Last but not least, Dr. Tejeda understands the security is an evergrowing issue. He has taken the necessary steps to ensure that all his patients’ information is protected with SSL Security. SSL Security encrypts important information such as credit card numbers and home addresses before they are sent off to the actual database. This means that hackers will have no chance with this particular website!


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