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Broomfield Dental Lab New Horizons Dental Laboratory

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When people think about dental care and support, all too often they immediately have dentists and their related specialists come to mind. New Horizons Dental Laboratory represents another aspect of the Dental profession. These unsung heroes needed a website that would be accessible to providers looking for the support a dental lab brings, and perhaps an opportunity to educate patients on the role they play in their dental health as well.

Overview Of The Design

The design of this site needed to be approachable, but it also needed to bring with it many of the same elements that are present in many medical site designs. Dental lab websites are a relatively new thing, so we had to innovate in what was essentially a creative vacuum. It all started with the selection of a central image that served to demonstrate an important part of the labs work, and we then built the sites color scheme around it. After that, it was all about accessibility and ease of navigation.

Use Of Colors

While it’s fairly subtle one of the foundation colors is a pink-peach tone that provides the site with a nurturing and compassionate feel. Blue is common in medical site design as dark tones help present a strong, professional image. When combined with the neutral white background it comes together to create an impressive site that is visually appealing and well balanced.

Contrast – Blue and white contrast well with each other, each capable of serving either as a background or text. This kind of flexibility aids creation of a visually impressive site.

Navigation Text
• Action Oriented – White is definitely the motivational color here, with action areas of the site presented in white to draw the eye and encourage interaction.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Website design includes many moving parts, and they all have to work together to create an experience that promotes the company and encourages users to come back and engage again.
• Space – The use of white space helps frame the site, promoting the most important areas and ensuring that everything has the room it needs to stand out. It can also aid in responsiveness and general navigation.
• About Us – The About Us page on the New Horizons Dental Site is straightforward and to the point, providing valuable information about the company and their techniques.
• Contact Information – The Contact Information for New Horizons Dental Laboratory is located at the bottom of the site in the footer, and is presented alongside a contact form encouraging visitors to make contact and seek answers.

New Horizons Contact Form

Marketing Aspect

Every website has to spend some time considering the marketing angle, even if it’s just to ensure that your patients or potentials find your website on a Google search. The case is even stronger for a niche company like New Horizons Dental Laboratory, it needed to stand out among its peers in what is a competitive field. Getting visitors to the site was just the first step, conversion from visitor to client is the next.

Navigation – The website is very easy to navigate, with the menu being presented at the top of each page. The use of minimal content on any individual page aids in navigation by ensuring you’re never far from the menu. Sites that are easy to navigate tend to have higher conversion rates.

Simple Forms – Contact forms are a great way to get information from potentials and beginning your relationship with future clients. However, like this form, those that have are short and to the point with few fields to fill out tend to the do the best.

Video Is The Future – Video is becoming a vital part of any modern website, and those websites that use video tend to convert better. Video is used to great effect in New Horizons Dental Laboratory’s site, providing information and a peek at what they do in an engaging format.

Video On New Horizon's Dental

The Image this Website Reflects

This website reflects a company that believes less is more, incorporating vital information in each section of the site but never overstaying their welcome. It was designed with the idea that those clients who find their way to the site already know what they’re looking for and are interested in a hard sales pitch. Instead, useful information is provided in a professionally friendly way using an attractive site that’s easy to use.

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