Broomfield Dental Lab – Broomfield, CO

Broomfield Dental Lab – Broomfield, CO

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New Horizons Dental Laboratory is a full-service removable lab that specializes in implant dental prosthesis and traditional removable dentures. Being in the dental industry for more than 30 years, continued patient satisfaction has earned them a reputable name all throughout Broomfield, Colorado. Promising precise, quality work the first time around is one standout reason why Broomfield Dental Lab is flourishing.

Overview of Design

Broomfield prides themselves on getting accurate results the first time around. We took it upon ourselves to follow suit when building the website design. Filled with lush, high-quality dental photos throughout the homepage, the navigation menu hosts a multitude of informationals. The clean interface is a breath of fresh air for users who are tired of seeing the same old outdated dental websites. The blend of professionalism and modern aesthetics set the tone right out the gate for incoming clients.

Use of Colors / Design Elements


To match the overarching theme of modern technology, we implemented a color scheme comprised of white and blue to help readers visualize the specialty at hand. Each navigation bar has a drop-down menu for additional information as well. When designing any website, formatting is particularly important. We ensured that we allowed open space for readers to steer and maneuver through. No one likes a cluttered page. We kept the formatting on the simple side – rich in informational volume, dense in quality. No need to show off when the results can do the talking for us.

While it’s fairly subtle one of the foundation colors is a pink-peach tone that provides the site with a nurturing and compassionate feel. Blue is common in medical site design as dark tones help present a strong, professional image. When combined with the neutral white background it comes together to create an impressive site that is visually appealing and well balanced.


Marketing Aspect

All the pictures and videos on the website are a clear reflection of the hustle and work that goes into handling each procedure. We have included a convenient contact form at the bottom of each page as a call to action. Under the ‘send us a case’ navigation menu, there is also a turnaround estimate for those debating on any sort of procedure over at New Horizons. We made sure that all the text boxes were placed strategically to the point where nothing was particularly overpowering. Everything is legible and clear for viewership.

Navigation – The website is very easy to navigate, with the menu being presented at the top of each page. The use of minimal content on any individual page aids in navigation by ensuring you’re never far from the menu. Sites that are easy to navigate tend to have higher conversion rates.

Simple Forms – Contact forms are a great way to get information from potentials and beginning your relationship with future clients. However, like this form, those that have are short and to the point with few fields to fill out tend to the do the best.

Video Is The Future – Video is becoming a vital part of any modern website, and those websites that use video tend to convert better. The video is used to great effect in New Horizons Dental Laboratory’s site, providing information and a peek at what they do in an engaging format.


When designing any website, navigation and design are key to engaging customers. We made sure to incorporate only the best professional shots to enhance the reader’s attention. Dentistry is all about the details; so is optimal website design.

The Image this Website Reflects

This website reflects a company that believes less is more, incorporating vital information in each section of the site but never overstaying their welcome. It was designed with the idea that those clients who find their way to the site already know what they’re looking for and are interested in a hard sales pitch. Instead, useful information is provided in a professionally friendly way using an attractive site that’s easy to use.

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