Brent H. Taylor General Surgery – Palmer, AK

Brent H. Taylor General Surgery – Palmer, AK

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Located in the heart of Alaska, Dr. Brent H. Taylor’s general surgery team is dedicated to any and all of your dental needs. Patient care is seen as a partnership that is encouraged by open dialogue, education, and understanding. Since their office is equipped with the most recent amenities for pleasant patient care, we matched their philosophy by giving them a site that would initiate audience engagement with the multitude of content Dr.Taylor had to offer.

Design Overview

When you first enter the website, you will notice all the scenery incorporated in the website.  Keeping the navigation menu light and simple, this allows readers to focus on the information at hand. The personalized logo is a great subtle touch that highlights the office’s incorporation with the community. Everything is symmetrical and distinctive – some of the most important features to any website design.

Use of Colors

Personalized Logo

We customized the website with a blue and white color theme to match the general surgeon specialty. The light colors also compliment the imagery theme residing throughout the site. Blue and White are standard colors for medical sites for their reputation of portraying a sense of calm, trust, and professionalism to the viewer. White also provides readers with ample reading room and an ideal background for digesting and absorbing information. The color theme even resonates in the practice’s logo – implementing different hues of blue to create the practice’s personalized logo!

Design Elements

Navigation Menu and Social Media Widgets

We kept the site spacious and open with square borders. All the font and tabs are legible and blend together nicely as a whole. No need to go all out on special effects when you already have a personable interface. When incorporating multiple elements of design in any website, you want to make sure that everything flows together. We made sure spacing was expertly managed throughout the site by using white space to establish image areas and frame text. Navigation is spacious. No matter which web page you are on, the navigation menu is always available. All the design elements of this website are centered around making information about the procedures immediately at hand.

Marketing Aspect

As a security measure, the site is protected through SSL. This means that the website is secured; hackers can not steal valuable patient information. We made sure that visitors could see the services offered immediately by having several calls to action and quick links available on the landing page alone. Just like the scenic nature encompassing the website, the simple yet effective layout makes the site load quickly and efficiently on both mobile and desktop for optimal viewership and traffic engagement.

Image the Website Represents

Mission Statement and Imagery

Compassion and professionalism are evident throughout the site, from the streamlined approach to design and nature-focused imagery. Quite simply, this site is an example of a concept and philosophy well executed. Surgery is no laughing matter. Patients need to feel welcomed and accepted. We made sure that would never be an issue with Dr. Taylor’s custom website!

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