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Botha Chiropractics

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Overview of the Design

Botha Chiropractic is a well-known chiropractic office in the Denver area. We wanted to create a custom chiropractic website that compliments and improves the profile this well-established practice already had, rather than change it completely. We opted for a traditional layout with an upper navigation bar and a full-screen-width header image. The remainder of the home page spotlights the practice’s great reviews and the types of conditions they treat.

Design Overview

Moving throughout the rest of the site, visitors are introduced to Dr. Foss, the staff, and the office. They are also given the opportunity to learn more in-depth information about the types of services offered and conditions treated at the office. We even included an entire section dedicated to car accident victims, since they make up a large portion of Botha Chiropractic’s patient demographic. Finally, we linked to the practice blog and provide a contact page for those looking for more information about the practice location and hours.

Use of Colors

Botha Chiropractic has done a great job of branding itself. From the logo to the inside of the office, red and white are a running theme. We extending that into the website, with red, white, and black as the primary colors and accents. This helps to maintain consistency and help new and potential patients better differentiate Botha Chiropractic from its competitors.

Analysis of Design Elements

This website contains a few special elements meant to attract attention where it matters. The most obvious design element is the use of a special callout that appears after the site has already loaded. This callout spotlights a very important office promotion that helps to convert visitors into new patients. We also include a patient testimonial section on the home page that scrolls from review to review automatically.

Marketing Aspect

Getting traffic to your website is easy using pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. Converting them into new patients once they are on the site is a completely different endeavor. For that, we touched on a few key points. One was the fact that Botha Chiropractic was voted the best chiropractic office in all of Denver. The second was the ‘new patient special’, which offers a first-time visit complete with diagnostic tests, consultation, and a 1-hour massage. By promoting that prominently on the home page, visitors are more likely to press the “Schedule Appointment” button at the top of the page.

In addition, we also integrated social media links to Botha Chiropractic’s Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest pages, as well as a link to Yelp reviews. Scrolling patient reviews at the bottom of the home page give visitors a reason to schedule a first-time appointment, as do the logo credential listed at the bottom of the site.

Image the Website Represents

This website projects the image of a very organized practice with a reputation for excellent customer service. With a picture of the front desk headlining the home page, new and potential patients are made to feel right at home in the office long before they ever arrive for a first visit.


Botha Chiropractics Website Designed by Optimized360

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