Blue Plastic Surgery

Blue Plastic Surgery

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Overview of the Design

Blue Plastic Surgery is the quintessential image of what modern day medical aesthetics really means. Offering traditional, minimally invasive, and non-invasive cosmetic treatments and procedures, this practice appeals to adult men and women of all ages and with many different types of cosmetic concerns. Since Blue Plastic Surgery is a unique office, we wanted to create a custom cosmetic surgery website centered on the impressive capabilities of this results-driven practice.

This is a highly visual website filled with inspiring images of beautiful bodies and faces. We included a traditional menu bar, a quick preface to the practice itself, and a direct link to schedule a consultation – all on the home page. We also included a featured services area with image links to services for the breasts, skin, body, and face. Finally, we rounded out the home page with an introduction to Dr. Blue and a scrolling gallery of before-and-after images.

The remainder of the website is dedicated to the various services offered, from surgical procedures to injectables to massage and spa services. A gallery offers a glimpse into the results of patients, and a patient portal provides secure account access for existing patients.

Use of Colors

There was no contest when it came to choosing a color scheme for this website. Given the surgeon’s name and the name of the practice, blue became the foundational color for this custom cosmetic surgery web design. Not only is it a cool, confident, relaxing, and professional color, but this particular shade also induces a spa-like atmosphere directly on the website.

Analysis of Design Elements

We are very proud of the enhanced effects implemented into this site. Patients who are searching for a cosmetic surgeon are looking for the absolute best of care and will find inferences in every detail throughout the website. By utilizing progressive effects, it gives visitors the impression that this practice is very modern and committed to remaining at the forefront of advancements in aesthetic medical developments.  That is why we created a custom video background that gives the appearance of moving water on the home page. We also created responsive elements throughout the site, including a scrolling gallery and a featured services menu that moves when selected.

Marketing Aspect

Since patients tend to judge cosmetic surgery and aesthetic service results based upon appearances, we felt it would be most appropriate to create a gallery of before and after photos that show real transformations from the procedures offered by Blue Plastic Surgery. We also provided links to social media accounts, which helps future patients stay connected with the practice and any promotional offers it may feature. Social media is a great way for cosmetic surgery practices to communicate with potential patients until they are ready to schedule a consultation. When that time comes, we also offer an appointment request form directly on the website.

Image the Website Represents

All of the images selected for this website underscore the goal of the practice – delivering beautiful and natural-looking results. We chose pictures of seemingly flawless models with beautiful skin, delicate curves, and very feminine features. We also included an image of Dr. Blue himself, allowing potential patients to get to know the surgeon before the initial consultation.


Blue Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgeon Website Designed by Optimized360

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